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Is SOE going to built like Tranz-It

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I have a strong feeling that SOE is going be built like Trans-It, in the form of sub-maps and different options for those sub-maps.  I am kind of hoping the do that way there is even more options and gives the player a better chance to learn each part of map quicker.  Anyone else seeing that as a possibility? (Also would most likely bring back Grief if they have sub-maps, LOVED Grief!!)

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I actually see the map as being more of a web of ally ways (Do not worry this is not leaked this is just my guess), with particular areas larger then others, some having a catwalk above it, some buildings holding significant purpose. 


I just hope it's NOT like tranzit where 90% of the map is accessible by only buying one door. Honestly, old maps where you had to balance moving through were the best. It can happen here too. 

You start it up, and there are 3 ways forward, continue down one to find 3 more ways, then the train, then a few shops. All of this is part of the experience of fully immersing yourself into the game, finding which path will get you to jug first, or the box, or SO many other things is part of becoming a skilled player. Opening up one door and instantly going to get jug is not a good gameplay feature. 

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I get that, but the aspect of closing it off to a smaller portion as this is rumored to be the biggest zom map yet.  I liked what they did with breaking up Tranz-It and the same with the Grief maps, just breaking off pieces to give a few different modes/mini-maps.  The ability to turn on Dogs was another nice feature they added to those "sectioned off maps".

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Having clear, distinct sections of the map makes it really easy to remember and identify where you are on the map and to others playing with you. It was kind of nice having everyone pick a section to go to on the map to hold down for training and what not too, and this was a little harder to pull off in the later maps as they were not built with too many training spots (though this presents a harder challenge which I particularly like, my nooby friends do not).

I would love to see survival maps return, they were a nice bonus feature and more customization would be cool too. I would prefer if the other side game modes had their own unique little maps but I realize the development time required for this and am perfectly fine with portions from the bigger main maps cut out and edited a little bit. Helps with learning survival strategies anyway.

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But see reguardless of the size of the map, one should be able to pinpoint where other players are on this map, like they'd say "Hey im in the coffee shop" and they'd know where they were given there's only one coffee shop. 

I'm just saying for bigger maps in general that aren't purely circular or have a clear cut path laid out (think MotD). Like I didn't need to call out where I was whenever I played Nacht with anybody. 

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