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Specialist characters?

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Now, this is just a theory of mine, but It'd be cool to see it. 


One of the things we are 100% sure we saw in the trailer (thank you Mr. Roflwaffles) was the fact you could create clones like psychosis in MP. However, (warning leaks about beta files incoming),

There was NOTHING about a similar gumball effect in the beta files. So, why would there be nothing on it if we'd already seen it in the trailer?

This has lead me to believe we will be able to CHOOSE a character for each map we find. And each character has a special ability,and starting weapon.

Obviously you can't secure this character to begin with, what if two people want to be jessica? Well it comes down to your level, highest level gets first pick. 

The cop, whom we've seen the most of, would have a snubnose pistol, and the ability to create 2 clones to distract zombies. 

The fem-fetal would have _______ and have the ability to _________. 

The boxer would have his brass knuckles, and have the ability to _________. 

The magician would have ______ and the ability to _______. 

Just a theory of mine. No character is stronger then another but simply matches preference. Obviously this has it's ups and downs concerning annoying little kids, but I think it's a good idea and really paves the way for future maps. 

The giant would be a different type of map however, with no character having abilities, however some characters start randomly with the new pistol, others start with the Mauser. 


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I don't think it's tied to character selection, that would cause too many problems with public matches unless it was laid out in a similar manner to the 4 fate powerups in DOA (unless you know how to crack the code). I'm pretty sure this is something that will give the new ranking system some meaning. If not through the gumballs though then my guess is through some previously undisclosed new feature for the map

Based on the achievement/trophy data, there was some mention of stores so maybe there will be different stores with different abilities/upgrades available for purchase. Otherwise why such importance placed on stores?

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It's ok to discuss the achievement data I think, but just to be safe I'll use a spoiler: 

One of the things first mentioned about BO3 zombies was that it was on a NEW zombie formula engine, which included a new feature of having some zombies hide on the other sides of doors and wait for you. So while I don't think stores will play THAT big a roll, focusing players on killing zombies inside of them would seem to be a way for people to realize the new mechanic. 

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I used a spoiler just in case because it's outside of that one thread and for people who might have not looked at it yet.

That feature sounds awesome. Totally not going to tell any of my PSN buddies about that because I know they won't ever hear about it. And yeah, maybe the stores don't play a role. There's no mention of any function for the stores, it actually sounds similar to the one achievement from Tranzit about having every door open without touching lava or whatever that was. But regardless there is still emphasis placed on stores and that's interesting to me because this is one of the few maps where everything seems to be left in near pristine condition, as in no destruction and random fires and what not. My guess is since it is an achievement that would mean it's no easy task and there will be something about the stores that will make it difficult to kill zombies in other than them most likely being very small with not a whole lot of room to wiggle around in.

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