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I really hope I'm right about this one... (EDIT) I was right!


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Hello all.

This isn't a giant revelation or a complex theory, I'm more of a reader than a poster here on CoDz, however I just had to say something having just watched the new story trailer.

Firstly I'd like to begin by quoting myself from the day the first Black Ops 3 teaser trailer was released:


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Bring on April 26th! Having just watched that trailer, the chap who says "our greatest barrier is our own fear" sounds quite a lot like Tony Amendola to me. If there's any Stargate fans here he played Master Bra-tac in Stargate SG-1. He was also in Continuum among other things. Can anyone else hear the similarity or just me?

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The original post can be found in this thread - http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/178987-cod-2015-viral-campaign-videopictures-codz-official-discussion-thread/

And now after watching the new trailer I'd like to further back up my claim with the following two images. Have a look at the likeness of the character in the trailer and good old Master Bra-Tac. I strongly believe that the guy being grabbed in the trailer is Dr Salim, and Dr Salim is Tony Amendola.

As I said, I really hope that I'm right about this one.




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