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Just a Theory..

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What if Origins Richtofen actually was the Richtofen we play as through World at War up to Moon? I know that sounds crazy because they have different personalities and are from different times, let alone different dimensions. But quotes in the trailer and what happens just generally point to it for me. First, Takeo's quote "You need to awaken the test subjects." Clearly, he's talking about the original crew, Prime Takeo, Prime Dempsey and, Prime Nikolai. Richtofen wouldn't just DO what Takeo says, so why did he during World at War? Through his own free will? Richtofen seems a bit too cocky to think he needs help. The next thing: Origins Richtofen shooting Prime Richtofen. Yes, you COULD say that this never happened before but I feel like this time travel was there from the very beginning of the story. Origins Richtofen shoots Prime Richtofen and then becomes Prime Richtofen, taking on how he is.He awakens the test subjects and "Puts a chain of events in motion." So he could become in control of the zombies to stop it all. After he does that, he gets into contact with Stu and the gang and makes them do the easter eggs so he can finally put a stop to it.

This is just a theory, so no hate please. It's just something I pieced together after watching the trailer yesterday.

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Aye.... You're basing this off the theory that THIS isn't a new timeline like what's been led to believe, but the ONLY time-line.... Interesting.... 


I swear if they Arkham-knight us and find out that richtofen was just a voice in our head like reasov from BO1 and 2..... 

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