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My 'The Giant' Theory (spoilers based on leaked intro cutscene)

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Basically, I believe The Giant is supposed too end the story for the original three characters (I think this has already been confirmed but I digress). 

Quite simply, my theory is this:


After Origins, the survivors realised that although they had closed one loophole in the storyline by returning Maxis to Agartha and reuniting him with his daughter, another still remained- when Richtofen teleports Maxis and Samantha, Maxis will end up dead and Samantha in control of the zombies again, meaning that they group would have too travel to the future, to 1945, to prevent future Richtofen from enacting his plans. To do this, Richtofen offers to stay behind and, using the Element 115 on site, manages to craft a makeshift teleporter good for one visit. Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai travel to the point just as Richtofen has initiated his plan and they warn him not too open the teleporter as Maxis would live and the loop would continue. Richtofen doesn't listen and opens the teleporter, but past Richtofen is there. He decided to visit and see for himself, killing his future self too take all the research for himself and give him an advance in the past. 


Okay, so the final outcome isn't clear. Baring in mind this is based on the leaked intro for the map, but it's just an idea I had. 

What are your thoughts on this theory? Or any other theories you yourself might have? Comment away people! 

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