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Safe-House: Is it real?

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While I can believe a gun-smith and camo creator, and even an XP-based ranking system... I don't know if I should believe the news I keep hearing about this supposed "Safe House". 


Now from what I've gathered, It works a lot like that idea I had with the "Nact main menu" concept a while back: Your menu is a room. 

How I expect this to work is (THEORETICALLY), players in your lobby/friends list can enter your safe-house, check out your weapons, check your stats, maybe exchange some sort of currency or something, then there would be certain objects around the room for ways to access the different game-mode menus: 

MP Would be a large high-tech computer on the wall. Campaign would be maybe a planning table, IDK. And zombies will likely be like a comic book in the back on a table. There would also be a corner with a blueprint for designing one's safe house (it'd be cool if ranking up or exchanging in-game-earned-currency increased the size of one's safe-house), a cabinet containing one's custom-made weapons, a chart for leader-boards, a door to leave/join one's safe house lobbies, a file cabinet for secret acquired intel, both on in-game people, and self-writen notes for the modes. 



That would be epic IMO. 

But I still have yet to see ANYTHING from treyarch regarding this... Anyone know where I can find out more about this info? 

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All we know is that it's confirmed to be upgradeable, and that your friends can join to see your awards and weapons. 


But I completely agree with the way you're thinking, with the interactable items and it being a way to transition between modes. This is a really good concept by Treyarch, and it could be a great one if it's done right. 

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