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Connection To The Other Black Ops Games


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Now, as phenomenal as this teaser campaign has been, none of the info we've had (other than the reference to the 2025 drone attacks) has shown any link to previous games in the Black Ops series. It seems, as of now, that the game could have had a different title entirely. 


I made this forum because I'm interested in seeing what everyone thinks the link to the other games will be, and if anybody thinks the old characters will influence the new ones in some form. Perhaps we'll get some connection at the reveal Sunday, but who knows.. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

I think it follows the big geopolitical events from older Black Ops games. Effects of Cold War Nova 6 crisis and US - China war during 2025 and they all have shaped the world that Black Ops III takes place in.

That makes the most sense. At first I was looking at the characters, but then I realized that the guys we know have been through enough and the time periods don't make sense. I loved the cast of the first two games to death, but at the same time we've already seen most of what they've done during their lives. I'd be fine with them returning in some way, but at the same time it'll be nice to start fresh with new people in the Black Ops universe. They could always reach out and use Hudson's children or something ridiculous, but I'd much prefer (like you said) for the world around us to be the connection to the other games. Thanks for responding! 

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