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Black Hand Smith

Smith Talks: Black Ops 3 storyline

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This is a parallel to WWII A master race someone who believes only one true race can exist and uses Nova Gas to Eliminate Human's and Keep AI alive Since Nova gas is lethal to Humans yet should theoretically not work on beings that are not human. Also now that I'm thinking about it
Would be parallel to what the teaser portrays The teaser shows how Augmentation begins and Humanity at first does not entirely approve of it
They kind of see it as taboo Black Hand Smith: As time goes by things change, Opinions change Augmentation becomes a part of daily life and is no longer seen as weird or Odd but then comes the creation of artificially born Lifeforms which I can see going a certain direction.These artificially born " Humans" become the Norm in society and then suddenly things start going backwards The AI start seeing Biological organisms as Taboo and the same prejudice humans had on the Augmentation is now being reversed giving the whole setting a kind of...Loop to it

So now we have something of a Story Structure of what Could possibly be

As for the tone of this new Cod I believe this will be one of the darkest cod's we have seen to date bringing up a reasonalbe debate as to what is considered true life. So far we have gotten a few hints that Nova Gas is returning. How did they get the Knowledge of producing Nova Gas? Well, lets look at the history of Nova Gas. Nova Gas first belonged to the Germans. However Steiner allowed the Russians to get a hold of it. It was later worked on by Clark. Clark was killed and the knowledge of Nova Six was captured by America. So with America having possession of Nova 6 how does that effect the new plot? Well, We know menendez had people on the inside perhaps even people with Access to government information. Perhaps even stealing the Plans for nova 6. According to new information released today a Chemical was released in Singapore, a Gaslike strike which killed as well as mutilated the skin of human victims. Sounds familiar? The same effect Nova 6 has when used. 

So what I think is Happening here is like I said before. The line between technology and Humanity has been blurred. These AI are so Humanlike that they can not be distinguished between. However the rules aren't the same since one is made up of Organic natural body parts while the other is made up of non organic or at least an organic like material. In the Teaser Equality with Augmentations seems to be getting better and more accepted as the years go by yet they then mention something. "Bionic Sperm". Suddenly people begin rioting and accusing scientists of Playing God. Which by far has got to be some of the heaviest topics Cod has ever brought in one of their games. These bionic Sperm I believe are what eventually becomes the Super soldiers we hear about an perhaps are the ones that will be the enemy in the story. 

So now about this whole "Chip" that connects everyone's thoughts together through a network. I'm thinking of a possibility which is entirely fictional as of now but would make a good story. I once talked about manipulating brainwaves into tricking people into seeing things that are not real but this time I want to suggest something else. What if this system could be hacked. With so many people getting augmentations and joining this "Network" a similar virus could potentially be used to gain control of anyone that happens to be augmented with the Brain Chip. Full Control and creating a Hive Mind being led by this Hacker. The same way Menendez Hacked the Drones and took control of them. 

So we have some big potential here for some story links and possible villains. So without further ado I will see you all at the time of the Reveal 

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