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Some futuristic BO3 MP Map ideas

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Title says it all!  


Now keep in mind, these maps are separated into 3 groups: Augmented Reality (which is a simulated battleground with no exo abilities), Exo-enabled (which allows for a concept I'll discuss later called "Exo-movement") and Terrain (Which is like Exo-enabled but there are no exo-abilities that can't be equipped)

Exo-movement is basically improved movement. You get to find on the map and operate a specific type of exo-suit: 

Snake: Which allows for fluid dashes, improved flexibility and the ability to scale walls super fast. 

Eagle: Allows one to equip a jet-pack. They have an unlimited height but only so long they can keep in the air. It recharges over time. 

Spider: Allows one the ability of the grapple from AW. The grapple becomes your knife, so you use it as one too. You can also use this to yank players from across the map. It's fun to use these on snake exos while they're scaling. 


I should mention EMP blasts of any kind will disable these exos abilities for a short bit. So be wary of that whilst climbing. 



Now for the enhancements that can be equipped on any map: Bio-enhancements. 

-Speed- Adds leg strength. 

-Strength- reduces flinching and improves grip on weapon. 

-Hawkeye- This little beauty picks up on systems around the map, allowing you to access them by looking at them and pushing LB (takes up tactical spot) You can use this to turn on a fan slicing the player inside in half, or create a distraction in the funhouse! 

-Haymaker- Adds a boost to your exo, but it only punches forward in a charge almost. If you do this in the air it works similar to an exo-slam. 

-Sonar- Allows your brain to pick up on changes in sound around you, it can convert this sonar to images allowing you to see a player around the corner who has shot recently. 

-Night-vision: Certain areas of these maps can be dark now, night vision is your advantage to these areas. 

-Threat-detection: It alerts you to bombs around you that may be hidden behind walls. 

-Over-load: A last -ditch effort. If you run out of health you activate this and are given a turned style gameplay (meaning the zombies mode. You only have your hands to kill with) in which you can eat the enemy player. This can be horrid if you're close, but it's better then second-to-last-final-stand where you still have a range weapon. 




Exo-enabled maps: 


1: Orbit- 

This map takes place in a space station that's just been thrown out of orbit by the terrorists. You must go one on one to keep the station  afloat around the earth. On this map, players on the terrorist team can disrupt certain parts of the station and they'll begin to free-fall. When this happens anyone floating in the air will be left behind. To stop this, a player on the opposite team must stabilize the station in a similar manor. 


2: Gorge- 

This map takes place in a massive gorge. It's really, ridiculously tall. Each exo type has it's own advantage here. Likewise, those who chose to walk can traverse the dark caverns within, be careful a sniper in the dark can be your worst enemy. 


3: Docks: 

Takes place on a dock where a massive aircraft carrier is sitting and has just been attacked. The inside of the ship is dark in some places and laminated red in others. The outside of the ship is where one can jump from the dock to the boat and back to inflict battle on 2 fields. Players can also activate turrets on certain areas of the ship: Who they'll attack is a mystery. 


4: Canopy: 

My personal favorite eco-map: The rain forest. The whole map is centered around one tree, but players must scale it all the way up to the top to fight in the dense leaves and sunlight, as well as uneven footing, the tree it's self with many different advantage points, or the ground with giant roots extending from the ground. 


5: Street: 

Another great map, this is set in the streets of london where one can enter open windows on other platforms and explore a whole block's worth of environment. There's plenty of things like water valves to set off and one can even control the advertisements to depict a decoy player. 


There would be others when the game releases but that's it for now. 



Terrain maps: 


1: Bullet:

This is my favorite Terrain map idea, it's two teams on a bullet train going at incredible speeds. Be wary of fighting both in the cabins and on the roof. Inside you can't get to certain areas  or might not have much coverage. But on the roof, there's the imminent "death sign" coming, DUCK! One can even use systems to change the chairs in the cabins and the road of the train to avoid signs. 


2: Tower: 

This map has two parts; The base of the tower, which is extensive and wide open, and the top which is much smaller and only accessed by one of 3 elevators. One can even hack an elevator from the top or bottom to switch it's destination once it's departed. 


3: Fun house:

This takes place in an amusement park's fun house. The map it's self is heavily reliant on you controlling the systems to activate rigged turrets and bomb-jump-scares.  One can even plunge the whole map into darkness if they wanted.  It's SUPER fun. 


4: Island:

A remote desert island in the middle of nowhere. There's a dark cave here as well. The really cool feature here is the under-water portion as the island sits over a massive lake with multiple holes you can plunge into. You can only stay under for a brief period, (1 minute total before drowning) but while under you have to use aquatic physics to your advantage. 


(There would be more of these too obviously) 


Augmented reality: 



Behold, a battle-ground that's set in an old video-game esque lay-out! Use the bomb-factory's bombs as throwable weapons, or pick up and throw a hammer to break through a weak wall. You can even change the game to become one of 3 games -a racing game where one avoids cars running through the map at immense speeds.

-A bomb-factory game i've explained, and even a 3rd person shooter like DOA! 

Each DLC releases a new version of this map including 

-A 8-bit RPG game

-A platformer where blocks can dispense weapons. 

-  A Space game where low gravity is implemented



Nuketown Augment: 

This takes all the old nuke towns:

-Original nuketown

-Desolated nuke town (zombies) 

Nuketown 2025 

and a new nuke town with aperture science-like panels which can be deployed to help you. 

To change the type of map simply trigger the clock tower. 


That's all the maps I've got right now saddly... :( come back later for more! 



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Love these, especially the Augmented Reality maps! 


The Enhance Yourself For A Better Tomorrow website made it sound like they could do anything with this concept - They even re-created Rome in the first module. I'd love to play in the Roman Coliseum if they extended that idea into the multiplayer... A World War 2 setting, the White House, anything is possible with this. 

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