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The concept of premature evolution

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The next game seems to be centered around the concept of evolving men prematurely using technology. What kind of technology appears to be mechanical from the cover-art. 

Likewise, this doesn't sound like technology to improve like exosuits. But more like robotic armor, like batman. Perhaps the technology improves speed, strength, and protects one, but doesn't allow for all the dancy-jumpy-flying shit. Things like cloaking and stims can be attached to this, but boosts seem a bit further off. 

Maybe the technology is a bit darker: Using humans as batteries for robotic soldiers: Using run-off energy from the body to move the "soldier" like a robot. The eyes hijacked as a camera. The ears highjacked as a motion detector. It's harley human anymore.... But it's effective...


What's your opinion on this?

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I agree with you on the whole none of the dancy-jumpy-flying shit, and that we may still have the exo 'perks', but I'm not entirely sure about the whole human battery idea. It would be a great part of the story if it were true, but I'm not sure if it'll go down that route. Awesome theory by the way :D

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Well it accomplishes a few things: 

1-It allows for exo "perks" like you said, without the actual issues of exos being implemented into the game. 

2-It matches what Dr. Salim preaches: How far are we willing to go, is dependent on what we fear. 

We fear the use of human robots, but it would allow for technology greater then one can possibly imagine for the time period. Bit like nazi experimentation. 

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yes, black ops III seems put alot of emphasis on the fusion of man and machine and the consequences that it may one day bring.

it is the theory of technological singularity, basically where technology either becomes smarter than humans or even becomes its own life form, this story has been told many times, The matrix and The Terminator series are great examples.


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Not even that, it's just that man has reached the point where they can completely control other men. 

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