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All Achievements/trophies in 1 game text guide

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Difficulty (how hard this might be to do): Very hard. (this is because you must survive until round 20 without perks, and maximise points to extreme levels.)

This can be useful for an experienced player without the achievements that wants to get them quickly, or for a fun challenge for anybody who would like a difficult one. I am assuming most players doing this have the basic understanding of zombies and can reach rounds such as round 30-40. I'd also love to see any videos of people doing this in the past because I couldn't find any


Okay, so you spawn in on round 1, knife every zombie, repair 4 barriers for max points, round 2 put in 5 shots to every zombie possible and a knife, this is the safest thing to do. Now open the door to the right and purchase the M1 carbine, for round 3 put 2 shots in with the carbine and a knife, for round 4 put 3/4 shots in and a knife, finally for round 5 put in 4/5 shots and a knife. you may open to power if you are not extremely skilled, but it is reccomended to stay in spawn room, you can also buy ammo when nescessary. Save a zombie at the end of round 5, you should have a lot of points. Open up and turn on power, and spend remaining points on 1 of three things depending on skill:

Low skill - 1 box hit and possible teleporter door open

Med. skill - teleporter door open and if enough points bowie knife

High skill - spend all points on opening teleporter doors


Now link any teleporters open and kill the zombie. Maximise points on round 6 using whatever equipment you have, and save another zombie. You should have enough points to finish linking the teleporters for achievement/trophy 'Der Electrician.' After this you must spend the next few rounds saving for the Bowie knife if you do not already have it, whilst spending any other points hitting the box for either the Ray gun, wunderwaffe or monkey bombs. You must have all of these items so do not swap any out. It could take you from 3 rounds up to almost 15 rounds to do this. But the average is about 6, taking you to round 12. Where your bowie knife is no longer effective, however you should have knifed all zombies since getting the knife, getting you '40 Knives.' Now you must start training the zombies in the teleporter room behind power, or any other strategy you feel works for you. As soon as you aquire enough points, pack-a-punch your Ray gun for the achievement 'Wacker Packer' and shoot at the fly trap (refer to another post for what this is) for 'Elevate your Senses.' You may only swap this weapon out after you have gotten the achievement 'Aquire Waffle Weapons' for getting the ray gun, wunderwaffe and monkey bombs at once, as you were trying to do earlier. When you get the monkey bombs, throw one to get the achievement 'The Might Of The Monkey.' After you have those two achievements, pack-a-punch the wunderwaffe when you have the points to, then swap both out for the Thompson and any gun of your preference. Keep going through rounds and pack-a-punching both when the points are aquired, then swapping one of the weapons out and hitting the box for another weapon to carry you through the rounds. If you then pack-a-punch that weapon, you have pack-a-punched 5 times, getting you 'Pack Addict.' By now you must be almost at, if not into the 20's round wise. So you will get the achievement 'Perkaholics Anonymous' as long as you did not buy any perks. However now you may buy juggernog and speed cola just to make sure you are surviving. From now on keep going through the rounds, obtaining points, and opening doors at the end of the rounds until you have opened every door, giving you the 'Locksmith' achievement. Finally, you must keep going through the rounds until you have 12,000 points. Save a zombie at the end of the round and repeatedy use a teleporter. After the eighth time your final achievement 'Frequent Flyer' will unlock. When I did this I got the last achievement on round 26, on my second attempt, it's very useful to make backup gamertags etc in case you fail your first attempt and wish to retry.


Sorry if this has been confusing or not explained well, I'm a newbie to these forums. But if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them :)

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It's a nice strategy actually mate, it's not that different to how you would start for a no power attempt, which the record is round 35.


The only difference with no power is you would stay in the Thompson room until round 8 or so, and then go and hit the box.  You need Waffe and monkeys really before the box moves.

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Nice topic. Makes me sad that the remakes don't have trophy/achievement support.

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