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Why can't I get a decent match?

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I don't know what it is, if suddenly all the idiots are playing this game, not so much black ops 1, but BO2 and world of war EVERYONE I'm playing with just quits. Mostly it's because they keep dieing. Have you never heard of Juggernog?? Or even HOW to play?! Somtimes I think they all know each other because I swear they will quit at the EXACT same time.


The worst part is I don't even think they (I'm assume little brats) even know about this forum so my complaints will go unnoticed :(


I kinda thought only the most loyal and skilled zombie players would still be on World at War because I'm lucky to get 100 players for Der Riese xD

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Also [email protected] is a hackerfest, they're probably leaving because PaP rayguns aren't falling from the sky.



I say it all the time, quit trying to play with randoms, there is such a small chance you'll get a good, loyal player that it's better to just build your team on forums and youtube. Also look for people streaming their games, they're usually nice and enjoy company.

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The only thing I can tell you is players with Mics psychologically grow more attached to you, due to improved communications and are less likely to quit. But it also makes you a bigger target for trolling. 

Have to strongly disagree with all due respect. The last 4-5 games I played were alll with people who sounded like they were gonna play a decent game because they communicated and had mics. Not to mention they sounded like they had a plan so I a played (multiple games with multiple randoms) thinking to myself well maybe it might work. Nope the people with mics have no issues with dashboarding or leaving game when things turn sour for them. Over the course of 5 games of origins never had 1 game(starting with 4) go past round 14 without it turning into a solo game. This game is heavily filled with quitters right now who wanna tell you how to play blame others when they go down then quit. Having a headset might make a small difference but right now during this off season zombies is full of rage quitters who just dont care. They rage quit on round8-12 then go start a new game and do the same.

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