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The reason why we can never stop killing zombies

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In Origins, you use souls to power various etherial objects. You kill zombies to release their souls. That means that there is an actual human soul trapped in each zombie. Imagine being trapped for centuries watching through the eyes of a monster as a beast that was formerly you brutally kills all of your loved ones.

Even worse are the artefacts that literally consume souls and convert them to energy. Now you're forever trapped in a state of total nothingness, because according to group 935 your immortal soul is worth 1% of the amount of effort it takes to open a pyramid.

That's why we have to keep killing. We have to set everyone free.

I hope this renews your passion for blood.

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The sad story is not over. Listen to Carrion and Beauty of Annihilation. Sadly the human can never be saved, their soul is not released as you may notice that we keep seeing the same zombies. What if it isn't laziness? Maybe Samanthas quotes in Moon lead to the conclusion that we can never release them. Unless it never happened.

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Who says they're human souls? Maybe they're all pieces of Samantha's soul. And when we kill the zombie, the soul fragment is forever freed? ...unless of course we put it into a little box that, upon being filled, will float up into space and remain there for all eternity...

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