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Black Hand Smith

E.D.E.N Map concept ( First post I ever made intact no edits )

E.D.E.N Remastered  

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intro: samuel, russman, misty, and marlton are teleported far across the globe to the Persian gulf which has now been dried out due to the effects of the moon missiles. As they search around they discover a trench and deep inside it they find an ancient tablet that reads E.D.E.N. stuhlinger ask richtofen, what is this? meanwhile, thousands of years in the past sometime after humanity first showed up on earth Takeo nikolai samantha and dempsey wake up in a tropical jungle confused as to how they got there.

The starting room is a beautiful jungle.....if it weren't for the zombies. The zombies in this map look human but there is always something off about their appearances. a third eye or an extra arm. an imperfect human. Their eyes glow white and they make different zombie noises. if you look around you will find a small radio and by knifing it you will hear a message in a strange language. Once you have enough points you can clear out a fallen tree and enter the next area which is more jungle with a giant river that leads into a hole in the wall. The hole can be plugged in my a giant rock later in the easter egg resulting in E.D.E.N getting flooded eventually becoming the persian gulf and burying the E.D.E.N facility deep underground.

The next door you buy is an actual door with a number on it. the number is covered by thick vines that have overgrown the door making it look like part of the jungle. When you buy this door an alarm will sound and the zombies will begin to spawn like crazy similar to no mans land only that the zombies strength is equal to the round you are currently in. In order to stop the alarm you must push a red button on the wall. Inside this white room you can find another radio. Once again the radio is untranslatable. The facility looks overrun with plantlife but at the same time you can tell that it is a technological advancement beyond it's time. also located in this room is a small tube with an underdeveloped humanoid inside. These are needed to activate the easter egg song for the the original characters which if i had my way would be an elena song singing about the future.

after opening enough doors you can press on an image of an emerald green snake the screen flashes white and your surroundings change. nothing about you or the zombies location changes however....you are now playing as the tranzit crew thousands of years in the future. instead of a beautiful jungle you are now in a muddy wasteland. the walls which were once metal are now completely made of stone. As samuel you will begin to hear richtofen wheezing and gasping for air then returning to normal. The zombies are now actual humans without their imperfections. and thus you continue to open doors until you discover other parts of E.D.E.N. such as a nursery, a laboratory, a library, and even the tree of knowledge.

The easter egg consists of  manipulating the map as the original crew in the past so that an objective can be completed in the future and maybe you will even discover WHAT is locked away inside the pyramid on the moon and the reason it was built in the first place. The origins of man will soon be excavated and reborn.

Wonder weapons

In the past as the original characters you can grab a wonder weapon know as I.S.I.S which when shot at zombies causes plants to sprout out of their flesh and entangles other zombies nearby until they get crunched up by the thick vines

In the future as the tranzit characters you can receive another wonder weapon known as A.N.U.B.I.S. When this weapon is shot at the zombies it releases a cloud of smoke that covers the zombies. The zombies stop moving begin shaking as black smoke exits their mouths and their bodies burst into flames leaving ashes on the ground.

This is a map idea i actually dreamed about once after watching a history channel special only it was just eden and had nothing to do with zombies. i just thought it would make a good zombies map so i came up with some stuff to make it a zombies map

Tell me what you think and maybe come up with other ideas on how to make this map better.


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Sounds good to me. I've always wanted a true jungle feel to a map. Unlike Shangri la. Something that feels like your slaughtering endless waves of the undead on Endor(from Star Wars) lol

And I like the wonder weopon idea.the A.N.U.B.I.S one.

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