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Shangri la Location possible theory

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Hi I think that I have come up with a possible theory for shagri la location. First I noticed that on moons load screen there is an object floating through space. Many assumed it was a satellite but if u look closely its actually a temple from shangri la! Also on the moon load screen there is a stone/rock temple with 4 astronauts walking from it. I believe this is the heroes coming out from the temple. So this means that shangri la teleports through space to 3 locations moon mars and earth. This would then explain the red mountains because on the map in present time the heroes are on mars but when the eclipse happens they go back to a time when shangri la was on earth this explains why the explorers are there. So overall shangri la is a big teleported which richtoffen find by chance and brain washes the vrillyar to mine 115 for him so he can come back to get the focussing then use the temple to take the heroes to the moon.

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The Wunder weapon in Shangri la's name gives coordinates to the Himalayas and since it is a mountainous are it is where most people believe it is :)

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