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Area 51 moved or not on earth?

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Niik (strwrsbob) said that tryarch confirmed this as a mistake.


But how can you make a mistake this big? If you do make this mistake why was it never removed?

Also here is another picture that looks as if you are looking at another galaxy.


Real galaxy picture.


None of these things were here before we blew up "earth" was area 51 moved? Was it ever on earth in the first place? It must of have been moved because you cannot see these things before the rockets hit. But how would this large area be untouched? How can everything stay in exact same place and be breathable if it was in fact moved? If the earth view from area 51 was a mistake then maybe the rockets moved the earth closer to see this Galaxy picture. Which would not make any sense because when on moon you cannot see the earth moving.

Also why was area 51 not the same when you go there as the rockets hit?


As you can see ( this picture was taken after the rockets hit the earth while on area 51 ) there's no galaxy. No orange sky look. and to what I know. No earth view. Was this all a major mistake by treyarch? Or is there much more that we don't know?

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I think they took into aspect that area 51 has never been found and wwould be in space with some type of invisibility shield on it.and beacause zombies are in area 51 is that because zombies have found and invaded it. Also this might explain why you wear space suits in acesion they have found the cordinets for earea 51 and take a rocket to there

Thanks and please add [brains]

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Moon's 2nd Earth Debunked

That should explain it.

If not, Treyarch tried to cover it up by placing the Hangar 18 building in front of it. Obviously it was poor mapping since we can still see it.

Treyarch didn't remove it, because they probably couldn't without stuffing up the skybox. It shares the same one with Griffin Station, hence why we see the earth. So instead they tried to hide. Same thing with glitched Cosmonaut and excavators. They probably can't fix it without redoing ALL the coding again.

And regarding the sky not changing, I don't think they really thought anyone would get to it in time, or just did not think about it. Yes it's possible for them to do it as seen in the Eclipse easter egg, but I just don't think they had the time.

Remember, Treyarch rushed Moon. A lot of glitches were still in it, as well as a ton of re-used assets. It was originally going to be Paris. That could explain all reasons stated above. Because they developed it a little too quickly, and didn't take enough time to think about certain aspects.

Anyway, that's my opinion on it.

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It's because Area 51 and Griffin Station are within the same map. If you watch the video in the link posted, you'll see that Griffin Station is diagonally upwards from where Area 51. They didn't just make a completely separate map for either of them, which is why they have the sky box flip over between each teleport.

That said, imagine going back to Griffin Station halfway through the flash. Do you know hard it would be to only have the second half of the flash appear, only in Griffin Station? It is much easier for Treyarch to make it a universal thing, so it happens everywhere.

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