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Early Concept of the Winters Howl

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Found it on the wiki. Don't judge me haha.


It looks like it would've been some kind of cannon type. Might've been OHKO. Perhaps working like the flamethrower, or the LAW even where it would shoot a big burst and cover an area.

The core part looks similar to how it is now, except it's one massive one. The bottom part looks like it could hold another core. You can see that red button thing at the bottom is still there. Also the iron sights look strangely alike.

Looks like it would've been an awesome weapon to use!

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Guest Superhands

Just imagine how much easier FIVE would be with a OHKO weapon.

I'm pretty sure they made it only do a certain amount of damage so they could go along with the Pentagon Thief idea... why didn't they just do what they did with the Wave Gun and make it ineffective against the boss character?

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Guest MurderMachineX

Well "Five" was designed to be difficult. That's why it is one of my favorite maps. It is a challenge. This pretty much reinforces that.

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Guest Superhands

I agree with that; as I've made known for quite some time, FIVE always has been and always will be a personal fave of mine and I've helped a fair amount of people improve at it through my strategy guides; I'd say on a scale, I'm better at FIVE than I am most other maps. The thing is, it's not difficult to use the traps in the 40+ rounds, it's just slow as hell and boring as crap, so an OHK wonder weapon would make the map a lot more enjoyable.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

2 things.

FIVE scares the hell out of me because all I can do is run a train in the Juggernog circle. Got any strats for that?

And the other. If this was more of a rifle size, actually it looks a bit like a MAC, (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) then it would have a ton more power right, and then....you could just kill everyone. Or if they were planning to mass produce the things, a current Winter's Howl could be more efficient and use less resource, but still be as effective. Maybe that early concept was overkill.

Nice thingy ma bobber though.

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Guest killallzombies

i think if the howl we have now was to be used in a map with a larger area,it would be a more popular and more useful wonder weapon

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