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Black Hand Smith

Destination 935 [ DLC 2# Map Concept ]

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Easter Egg Song, Find the 3 comic book Pages scattered around the Map.




Previously on...Zombies…


4 heroes were ejected into the world above as they wandered aimlessly in search of safety from the dead. Dimitri Began having strange dreams led them to the remains of New York City, A land of everlasting snowstorms. During their visit they discovered a secret underground Bunker and inside they met it’s last resident, “The Man”. This mysterious person provided them with the key to Historia, an orb filled with Ethereal Energy. Before “The Man” passed away he left them with a single instruction….Follow the Glow...for the Giant is Rising…….


1 Month Later….

Somewhere in the remains of Germany


Edward - “ Stop!...the orb stopped blinking….is this the place?”

Dmitri - “ Don’t ask me I have no idea”

Sam- “D...er….Riese? Der Riese? what does that mean? It looks like some sort of factory….

Edward - " I believe it means the Giant"

Ian - “ What is that machine?”

( Looks up at a the fallen teleporter.)

Sam - “ This place is giving me the creeps can we just get what we came for and leave?”

Ian - “ Do you hear that? i feel as if we are being watched”

( Blue eyed zombie appears from the foliage )

Blue eyed zombie - “ The madness...THE MADNESS AHAHAHAH”

Dmitri - Did that one just talk or have the fumes finally gotten to my brain?”

Sam - “ Talking or not it’s still coming after us”

( Shows the zombie’s head exploding from getting shot”

Ian - “ What if it was alive?”

Edward - “ No time to think about that now, They are coming!”

(orange eyed zombies begin to swarm into the facility)


You Spawn in the same area you spawned in on the original Der Riese. However it has been a long time since the original characters came here. The sun is in the sky yet you can see the stars as if it were night. The Teleporter Mainframe is toppled over leaving the Pack a Punch Exposed. This Pack  a Punch has moss growing on it’s surface and the mechanisms inside are badly damaged. The clock that never moved is no longer there. The Fence is Broken and beyond that, the entire building containing The Quick Revive, and Maxis’s office are no more. In their place a giant chasm takes up much of that space. The Quick Revive can be found right next to the main interface as well as the Olympia and the M14.


Your first Barrier blocks what used to to be the underground window where zombies spawned from. Plants and rotten Planks form a barricade which must be bought for 750 points. This next room is very dark and water leaks from the ceiling. Roots are covering the walls and old experiments are on the tables. The area has many tables scattered around, most of which are broken and lying on the ground. On the wall you will be able to purchase the classic Black ops Mp5k and the classic World at War Trench Gun. Covered in vines you will find Double Tap. There is a fenced in area with a generator in it. You will need to find a key in order to open the gate and attempt to start the generator. You can find this key by searching The ground or on top of tables. Once you find a key you can open the gate. You will need to find 2 more generators before you can turn on the power. All Generators must be turned on at the same time.


Like The original Der Riese you will have 2 Doors that can be opened. The second door is the gate leading to the flytrap. However This time you will finally be able to get closer to it. The flytrap has suffered the same fate as the rest of the facility. Thick Vines dangle downwards preventing you from accessing the center. This area is perfect for training zombies around and to top it all off the AN-94 can be found on the wall for 1500. There is a trap that can be bought in this area. An electric wire is sticking into a puddle of water. Once the power is on you will be able to buy this trap for 1000 Points.


The most notable feature of this are is that it has a gigantic Mural on the wall. The Mural depicts everything that has happened so far in the storyline. It depicts rockets falling from the sky as 3 Towers stand tall. The 2 moons are displayed at the very top of the Mural. One full moon and one Black Moon. However there are also some drawings depicting events that have never been witnessed. A Man inside the bell is traveling and holding an orb. Below him hundreds of people are gathered with their eyes closed and with numbers on their arms. There are some more drawings but they have become smeared.


In this same area there is a generator which can be used to bring power to the remaining segments of the facility. Unlike the one underground you will not need a key. However you will need to find a Gas Can and bring it to the generator before you can attempt to turn it on. The Gas can is randomly spawning and requires you to enter the next area in order for you to find it.  


A fallen sheet of roof metal works as a ladder and allows you to climb up to a window which can be bought for 1500. Once you open the window you will be able to explore a catwalk over a bunch of equipment once used by the Scientists who worked here. The catwalk resembles the one from Buried. You can buy the MP40 for 1000 points and in a narrow corner you will find Speed cola. This area is extremely close quarters and if confronted by fast zombies at a high round will certainly condemn you to death if you are unfortunate enough to have to reload. The best tactic to use on this catwalk is to have one person watching your back as you move forward.


There is a wire going down towards the actual ground. You can zipline your way down However once you do it will take you a while to get back to the starting room again so be sure to have everything you need. Once you step foot on the ground you will see everything up close. On the Tables you will find old Wunder weapons such as the wunderwaffe, The VR-11 and The Raygun MK-2. However none of these weapons are usable due to them being unfinished. There is a Work Bench in this Area and if you find the 3 unfinished wonder weapons you can build something really useful however you will need the blue print.


There are 2 more areas to the map which you can explore. The first area is a labyrinth where all the live experiments were kept. You can access this area by buying the floorboards in the corner of the room. The area is live the Maze in buried and changes the path ways. It’s very dark and sometimes the only way to know that there is a zombie in the area is the yellow glow of it’s eyes. When you enter the Labyrinth for the first time you will hear a loud demonic scream and then the sound of flesh falling to the ground. This is the sound of the Nightmares, Supersoldier experiments that went wrong. Instead of Creating the ultimate soldiers they created something that was no longer Human. The only weapon on the wall is the SVU however in this cramped area it is not wise to buy it. You will also find Juggernog hidden somewhere in the area. Each Game the location is randomized within the maze. There is a Generator here which Requires a missing part.


The final area is the Chasm. When you exit the Labyrinth you will See the light of day However the light should not be here. A long time ago our 4 original Heroes used this area to Fight off the undead. In this very area stood the Office of Doctor Maxis. However none of that is here anymore. It has all been destroyed and all that remains is a chasm. Coming out of the chasm you can see Two columns that were once used to Keep group 935’s ultimate experiment contained. However without the Scientists around anymore it reactivated and tore a hole in Der Riese as it rose up and walked away. If you look at the bottom of the chasm you will notice the old Quick Revive and Teleporter In ruins. You will also see PHD flopper and Mule Kick down there. Both of which can be used once you climb to the bottom of the chasm.


You will need to travel to the bottom of the chasm by jumping from one ledge to another until you reach it. This is extremely dangerous due to the undead chasing you so it’s best you do it with a crawler still active. Once you reach the bottom there you can search the rubble for the Missing Generator Part to be able to activate the last Generator and finally activate the power. This area is circular like the flytrap area however Debris from the collapsed building forms small Pillars which Do not allow easy training. In this Chasm you will find the Brand new Perk for this Map.


Time Slime is a brand new perk which comes in a Glowing Light Purple bottle. Time Slime is an odd Perk due to its Temporal Properties. Time slime does not feel like a drink while it goes Down however from now on when you Knife a zombie the zombie will suffer from one of 4 random effects. The first Effect will Slow the zombie and zombies around it down. the Second effect will Reverse the zombies and make them move backwards instead of forward for a bit. The third effect Will cause one zombie to Speed up. The final effect will teleport one zombie somewhere else.


The final thing in the chasm is the Broken teleporter. Although it is mostly broken it can still teleport you back to the starting area. This is the only way to get back. The map is one way only except for the labs under the stairs.


The Map layout is supposed to be a metaphor for the cycle. You can only go one way before you have to return to where you started and do the journey once more. The room under the stairs represents an event that may have changed the perspective of the cycle but unable to change the outcome of the destination. The only way to break the cycle is by performing a task only doable by going around a few times.


Easter egg steps

Main Easter Egg

Easter egg Requirements

historia easter egg must be completed


Giant Rising

Step 1 Find all 3 generators and turn them on at the same time.


Step 2 Craft the wonder weapon using the 3 parts found in the unfinished wonder weapons.


Step 3 You have collected the Orgon115. Now Pack a punch it


Step 4: Collect Orgone until you have enough to use the weapon’s ultimate attack


Step 5: Fire directly at the fly trap using a pack a punched sniper rifle. From the same distance as the original flytrap egg


Step 6: The Key To Historia will Begin to Blink use the Hot and cold system to find “it”


Step 7: You will need 4 explosions at the same time to break the wall


Step 8: Now that you have blown up the wall you will Find Die Glocke buried behind it.


Step 9: Insert the Key to Historia


Step 10: The Bell will power up and teleport into the center of the flytrap


Step 11: The Bell will look very old when you see it in the flytrap, Buy Time Slime


Step 12: Knife the Bell until it becomes Shiny and new again.


Step 13 - The Bell is Ready


The first Quest is complete however the Egg is not over…..


First easter egg completed, Sam must hold the Orgon115,


Step 1 B - Keep the Blue eyed zombie as a crawler and let it speak to you


Step 2 B - He will require you to Keep him alive


Step 3 B - He will ask you to give him Ethereal energy so he can “Help” you


Step 4 B - Collect More Orgone and Shoot Richtofen with it.


Step 5 B - Richtofen Will use his new energy to try to Possess Edwards Body


Step 6 B - When Richtofens soul leaves the zombie’s body you will need to use the Orgone115 to Absorb it.

Step 7 B - Richtofen Needs a new Body so you are Going to find him one


Step 8 B - Use the Mystery Box till the Bear appears


Step 9 B - Use the Orgon115 to suck in the Bear


Step 10 B - You will hear Richtofen Complaining and then Sam will have the Bear strapped to her Back.


Step 11 B - The Bears Eyes will glow blue


Step 12 B - Richtofen is now trapped inside Samantha’s Teddy Bear.


Completing the second easter egg will activate the second easter egg song

Game Over!!



NEW Quotes Only ( To see old quotes read historia)



“ What is this? some sort of old factory?”

“ Whoah!! did that zombie just talk?”

“ Are you German? you sound German?

“ Are you some kind of super smart experiment that escaped?”

“ We need to turn on the Power”

“ Anyone see a key lying around...Eddy? Dmitri? Ian?”

“ That mural looks erie….you think perhaps...it’s like a story?”

“ These weapons look funny but I think I can still make something out of them…”

“ I need more parts”

“ Looks like that did something…”

“ There’s something Behind this wall”

“ Nazi’s? ok this is getting stranger…”

“ It vanished!”

“ This time Slime better not make me an old lady…”

“ I think it’s working the machine is looking good as new”

“ Your name is Richtofen? “

“ Find some energy….hmm….I wonder if this will work”

“ I have a bad feeling about this..”

“  If this thing can absorb energy perhaps I can give him energy as well.”


“ You were trying to possess eddy weren’t you!”

“ Ha ...I’ll give you a body…”

“ Perhaps this will work”

“ Well I’ll be damned I didn’t think it would work”

“ Enjoy your life as a teddy bear.”

“ Eddy will never be like you….”

“ This weapon is strange but I like it.”

“ NO AMMO!!.....Well at least it’s not freezing cold here..”

“ DOGS!!!”

“ They are like Hounds from hell…..Like some sort of…..Hell….Dog…”

“ They dropped one of those green glowing things we keep finding”

“ If you ask me I’d rather fight the frozen freaks than those monsters….”

“ Wait till they get a load of this!”

“ Out of my way out of my way! We’re on a crazy mission and no deadhead is going to stop us’’

“ Is this Box following us? I mean what is it even doing here?”

“ Slime Time? I don’t like the name could be better…”

“ At least I don’t have to drink this...although maybe a quick taste…”

“ Wow...I can jump and cause explosions…..this is strange….”

“ I feel strong enough to carry Edward around.. hey eddy get over here!!”

“ Good thing this machine is here too. I need my upgrade”

“ Hey if the Box is here too maybe that bear is here as well”

“ Goodbye Mr. Bear….one day you will be mine”



“ This place seems familiar….but I can’t…..remember”

“ You remind me of myself somehow it’s kind of making me uncomfortable…”

“ We must turn on the power if we wish to survive..”

“ The generators are active!”

“ I feel like this weapon was made for me”

“ The Flytrap is active!”

“ They Key is Glowing….we must follow”

“ If I am correct there should be something behind this wall”

“ AHA Wunderbar….but what kind of machine is this…...it seems...perhaps….”

“ AHH….it moves!”

“ If it will help us on our mission then I do not care how dirty this slime is..”

“ Ian keep spreading the slime! I believe it is working”

“ Such a magnificent Machine! but how will it aid us?”

“ That mural……..i feel as if it tells a sad story….”

“ What do you mean? no...you can’t.. I “


“Thank you Sam, I owe my life to you.”

“ What shall we do with him?”

“ You can’t expect that to work can you sam?”

“ I Fear My ammunition is running low”

“  Is it just me or am I seeing Flaming dogs?”

“ Those creatures are almost demonic in form! Yet I feel sorry for them..”

“ Well, It’s better to die here than in a frozen wasteland.”

“ This Box makes for a powerful ally..it even follows us around the world."




“ What a terrifying place….be prepared for anything.”

“ A zombie that can speak? I thought they were all brainless”

“ There should be some way of turning on the power.”

" The Generators are Active. Perhaps now things will go our way"
" The Fly trap is working. Now it will help us on our quest!"

" We need to blow this wall up."

" That orb is going Mad!"

" It vanished!!"

" This Mural is like a cathedral painting...

" Hurry! we must get this pod working"

" Wait...Dmitri? Are your memories Returning?"

" Can you remember anything from before the Pods?"

" If the sign says it's time slime perhaps it will help fix the Pod"

" It worked....Score one point for ian!"

" I agree with you Dmitri, i do not trust that Richtofen..."

" We should Keep an eye on that zombie"

" Dear God! It's trying to Possess Edward!"

" Those Monsters are strong!!"

" Like the Spawn of Cerberus "

" It's a blessing from the stars!"

" I feel stronger, WAY STRONGER!"





“Old Nazi factory…..I’m not even gonna question it anymore”

“ A speaking zombie? Hell I’ll bite...what gives??

“ I don’t like that zombie, It has liar written all over it..”

“ Should we really be helping a talking Zombie?”

“ OOh the orb is blinking!”

“ I used to play Hide and seek with my papa….and…..and...I….but …”

“ I feel as If I’ve seen this contraption before…..”

“ Hey! isn’t that the Bunker Man? “

“ I see! So this key is like a battery!”

“ This Contraption is in no fit state to do anything….If only we had gotten here a long time ago perhaps it would still work”

“ That slime performs Miracles! I could sell this1!!!!”

“ Edward! LOOK OUT!!”

“ That was a close Call My friend… That weird Zombie almost got ya!”

“ Wait...Sam how on earth did you trap that zombie inside that bear?”

" Save me from the Hell Dogs!!"

" Ian watch My back from those fleshy ones"

" More weapons! More power!"



Richtofen Quotes

“ Don’t shoot Don’t shoot!!”

“ Why does no one listen when I tell them what to do?”

“ People used to be such good listeners …...or maybe not…..”

“ Just because I inhabit the body of a zombie does not give you the right to shoot me on sight!”

“ I see Maxis failed to destroy the Earth”

“ I can feel Maxis is no longer present in this plane of existence…..curse him...and his stupid girl..”

“ All I wanted to do was heal the earth was that too much to ask?”

“ I’ve been here for decades now…..ever since Maxis decided to banish me to this accursed body”

“ You Know I find it quite funny, I would have expected all you silly humans to have gone extinct by now...how is it that YOU survived….?”

“ The worst part is that dying just makes me reappear in another one of these mindless ghouls”

“ If you help ME...perhaps I can help YOU find what you seek”

“ Ah that’s the Key! I’ve seen it so many times before… Looks like my old friend survived Samantha’s Wrath somehow…”

“ I can help you….however I need more ethereal energy”

“Sam! I thought I would never hear that accursed name again….but you are not her...She is Dead, or Missing or….whatever Maxis did when he left ..”

“ Ian? What an odd man. You are a bit foolhardy there don’t you think?! Gonna get yourself killed and THEN what am I to do?

“ Dmitri right? You know I had a russian friend once….we once fought side by side in this very facility long ago….Then I took my place as an omnipotent king of the undead”

“ I can feel the power flow through my body! It feels so tingly! I can finally escape this eternal Damnation!! hahahah”

“Eddy my boy, by now you should have realised why we sound alike right? It’s in your genetics….yes indeed…...but I am afraid you won’t be around much longer…... I shall now take…..YOUR BODY!!”


Did not Grab the whisp in time ( Non Canon Ending )

“ GASP!!”

“ I have a body once more!!! AHAHAAHA”

“ I Knew out of all the spare clones at least one would survive and now it’s mine!!”

“ I kind of have a thing for russians so Dmitri you are my new best friend! AHAHAH”

“ Now if you Don’t Mind I have some unfinished Work to do”

“ Perhaps My old uniform is still around here somewhere”

“ If you want to live…...FOLLOW ME!!”


Absorbed the Whisp ( Canon Ending )

What? What is this? NEIIN”

“ This is so much worse than before…..SO MUCH WORSE!!”

“ At least I could move as a zombie but now ...I’m trapped inside this accursed ...BEAR!!”

“ Eddy….why? You were supposed to be my clone! I MADE YOU DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!

“ I refuse to help you….I simply Refuse!”

“ I miss nikolai he was so much fun! he would have never done this to little ol me…”

“ Fine!! carry me around for all I care I still won’t help you….”


Hidden Radios


“Stand up…….STAND U-....(Static) Good….now look at me… OVER HERE!....Good….now walk forward...F----- (Static) …...Bring me a ( Radio explodes)”


“ This is General White we have secured “the artifact” and are preparing to ship them to the following coordinates… 37.2350……..115.8111. If we succeed in our mission perhaps humanity still has some hope left after all. “


“ Wunderbar….the MPD has been opened…..now I will return to Griffon’s station and take my Place among the Gods! But just in case I will be leaving behind a few spare…”Bodies” in case anything goes wrong… I already lost one of them during the accident but with these new ones I can


“ It has been a long time since I last stepped foot into this facility. Our scientific wonders still remain here. I personally find it ironic...We created these wonders to help mankind yet these same wonders provided the means to it’s destruction. Now I shall put these devices to mankinds benefit once more. “


“ What the hell is that?......It looks like a massive crater..? It’s almost as if...something came out of there…..but what could have been big enough to cause such destruction? I hope I never find out...Perhaps the undead are not the only things we should worry about…”


“ We have loaded everything aboard the helicopters. We are transporting everything we can. I believe our mission is…..wait…..what is that?........( Demonic Howls are heard from a distance) What the fuck? noo….NO... GO GO!! RUN!! WE MUST PROTECT “ARCHANGEL” AT ALL COSTS!! HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN WORK THE MACHINE JUST GO!! ( Gunshots can be heard and the screams of soldiers being ripped apart, in the background you can hear the Helicopters leaving)”


“ The Giant Project has been delayed for an estimated 3 months. We need to get this thing under control. Every test session has either ended up in disaster and at worst cases….with fatalities. Until we get “The Giant” Operational We shall focus on the teleportation Experiments. We have finally found large quantities of the Element 115 in the Himalayas and we believe this will speed up production. Maxis must not have knowledge of this place otherwise he might have made some progress on “The Giant Project”.


Zombie Quotes

" Wh...y.......hur...t...me....."

" Go...B...a...aa...A.A.ck...."

" He....Lies....HE...LI....ES...."

" H...e....elp...me....please....Help....me.."

" My....Fam...ily......my.....sons.....my...l..l...life.....


Edward’s Backstory

Edward was originally a clone of Richtofen. His purpose was to become a new body for richtofen to wear if he lost his own body when entering the MPD. Unlike the Nightmares, Edward did not mutate and somehow ended up in the cocoon………. Edward has similar memories of Der Riese as Richtofen due to their connection however this is all false. However Now Edward can make his own choices….


Nightmares were originally Clones created by Edward Richtofen from his DNA. They were originally going to become vessels in case Something happened to his body when he entered the MPD. However as time went by they Mutated into Horrible creatures. They appear to be inside out as their skeletons can be seen over their fleshy bodies. When shot they will leak flesh and when killed they melt until all that is left is the skeleton. They run on all 4’s and they can use the vines and plants to move from one place to another. Sometimes they will climb up a wall and jump down on players. Their eyes do not glow yellow however around their chest area they have a yellow glow. This is their weak spot. Nightmares have the ability of breaking down Generators and players have to fix it by holding x.


Dogs will Begin spawning after round 20 alongside the undead. Unlike before they do not need to be called by the entity and have more free will.


Pack A Punch - The pack a punch can be accessed after all 3 generators are on. With the power now active go to the mainframe and press X. This will teleport you to a secret location surrounded by Military vehicles. Bodies are scattered around and some of the Vans have perks such as Tombstone, Vulturaid, and Stamin-up loaded on the back. However The machines are rusty and unusable. The only machine still usable is the Pack a Punch. After 30 seconds the teleporter takes you back to The starting Room. You can only visit PaP once every 2 rounds.


Time Slime Origin: Time slime is the very first perk to not come in a perk bottle. Instead it is a small can with a clock as a label. It is dispensed out of a snack machine instead of a soda machine. Once the perk is bought your character will pop open the lid and cover their fists in the slime.


GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by Black Hand Smith

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I like the idea of talking Zombies, just like what they did with Brutas.

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I like the idea of talking Zombies, just like what they did with Brutas.

Since Maxis is no longer in the universe he abandoned his job as announcer. Hence the reason there is no announcer after buried. So the undead are no longer being controlled they are now just moving on pure instinct. Yes some of what used to be the person still remains trapped inside an endless torment...

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I like the idea of talking Zombies, just like what they did with Brutas.

Since Maxis is no longer in the universe he abandoned his job as announcer. Hence the reason there is no announcer after buried. So the undead are no longer being controlled they are now just moving on pure instinct. Yes some of what used to be the person still remains trapped inside an endless torment...


The Zombies were always moving on pure instinct, they were never controlled.

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I like the idea of talking Zombies, just like what they did with Brutas.

Since Maxis is no longer in the universe he abandoned his job as announcer. Hence the reason there is no announcer after buried. So the undead are no longer being controlled they are now just moving on pure instinct. Yes some of what used to be the person still remains trapped inside an endless torment...

The Zombies were always moving on pure instinct, they were never controlled.

They were controlled by samantha. Then Richtofen. The zombies followed the original 4 from place to place. Even call of the dead. They attacked in order to prevent richtofen from getting the rod

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