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Legit Tourney $$$ Prize Cellblock 4V4

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get 4 people together, give me the names of you and your and teammates, your team name,and ill give you the offical list ladder once complete, were playing this week sundays last day. its poppin all the community is in it. all of the (good known players).(( you dont wanna miss this)). the crews from USA ALL THE WAY,canada aai, australia,netherlends,brits,and even germans and legit ref who wolnt be playing.good hosts, no rules,magic on,real grief,rd 1. you get 2 games to loose then your out. get emm outta herrrree.  hmu on here if you want in,its free to enter. and its a cash prize!!!   a cat has 9 lifes.. you only have 1..











-- bump--letme know by friday if anyone is interested..its possible you can win..if your short some players we can fit you in on a team so you can atleast get a shot in. the tourney is going on this week! over $500, sunday is the Troll Bowl Championship.free to enter,caution head.

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