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Has this game been glitching a lot for you guys? It happens quite often for me a number of different ways while doing the Easter Egg.

Sometimes the staffs don't come back from inside the robots. And sometimes when they do come back, they are invisible. Also sometimes they get teleported back underneath pack-a-punch before we even get to place all the staffs inside the robots.

Today, we were on the last part of the Easter Egg and I was the last alive. I decided to put the staffs in The Crazy Place so I could finish that part up. I was holding the Lightning Staff since it was the one I liked and decided to take that one last in case the round started and then I would at least have mine. So I go about and swap my staff (not noticing that right as I swapped for it, it disappeared)and place all the other staffs in TCP. I come back and get mine and it's gone. I go back to TCP to make sure I didn't put it in and it wasn't there either. I tried grabbing it anyways in case it was invisible and nope, nothing. It wasn't there or underneath PaP. Even checked back inside the robot on Speed Cola side. Anyone know how to fix this?

I've had many other glitches happen to me, but these are the most common.

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Dont know if this got patched today or not but when it comes to the staff robot part just place the fire staff in the white alter then go grab it from its alter (fire alter not white) then place it on white again, do this 4 times and it skips the step and moves onto the step where you use the missiles.

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