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Origins takes place during a TIME BOMB?


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Hello CoDz! This is kind of an odd theory I've come up with: does origins take place during a time bomb?

To those who don't have Buried, you place the time bomb and when you use it, it takes you back to the round you placed it, replacing all weapons and points to that specific second.

Well, here's something I've noticed: after every round or so, you can hear a faint ticking. I've been wondering about this, but why would it be a time bomb instead of something else? Well, a couple of things: Samantha has control of the zombies, is in Agartha, talks about how she's been trapped for a very long time and seems super intent on escaping.

Let's go back to the trailer: "Every story has a beginning... and an end." Well we get how origins is the beginning of the story, but why bother stressing so much on "...and an end."? Richtofen's quotes make it seem that he has some outside knowledge of the situation as well as a history of dislike with Samantha, whereas the other 3 are completely clueless. Maybe this is because they died back on moon and aren't capable of remembering, possibly because of the 115 testing conducted on them? In both Richtofen AND Maxis' endings on Buried, Richtofen ends up living, whether it's him in the Aether or as a zombie.

This is just a theory and may be a bit far fetched but any theories regarding this are most certainly welcome!!

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Richtofen knows about Maxis hearing voices of Samantha, so he is angry at her of course for leading Maxis astray. And of course he knows the situation, he's been at the excavation site longer than Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai.

Once again, this map is a prequel, it has absolutely nothing to do with Buried or the N4's actions.

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I always wondered about the ticking, It could be from the robots but yeah during the start of the round you do hear a ticking noise that speeds up and goes faster which then goes into the round start music.

Maybe its just because of the "SteamPunk" feel to the map or something else....

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