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Origins Link To Ascension


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I've seen a lot of people suggest that Origins is linked to certain maps throughout the history of Call of Duty Zombies, but I'd like to bring something to light that I'm hoping a few people have noticed, but I'm as far as I'm aware no-one has made this relation yet.

I personally believe that in some way or another Origins links to every map. I mean, it is the beginning of the storyline, it's place of origin, so of course it's going to tie into other maps! But what I found I believe to be very important :)

In Ascension we hear in the 3rd radio Yuri Zavoyski had stumbled upon a diary;

"Found a box today. Some lebanke left his teddy bear in it, a disgusting and filthy toy! Who keeps bringing their child onto this base!? Thank God they did not take the diary: the things I have learned about Element (Static). I'll have to conduct this research on my own, away from the destructive hands of Gersch! His research into Project Mercury has stalled, but will he be transferred!? I doubt it! As long as Project (Static) remains on track, his friends at (STATIC). I must think small"

A diary. Sound familiar? Now, I'm not sure about other people, but upon the time of Ascensions release on up until this moment in time, I always believed this to be a diary of either Maxis, Richtofen or maybe another Group 935 scientist. However, thanks to Treyarch's "Letters From The Field" entry on 25/08/2013, we have enough ground to build a theory on :D

Richtofen's entry reads as follows, for those who haven't read it already;

"May 18th, 1918

The journal of Pablo Marinus has been a most valuable source of information...we now stand at the edge of a brave new world. Our survey of the site has led us to believe that this location may hold the largest single source of 115 yet discovered. We have been authorized to begin work immediately...Maxis has become obsessed. He neglects the true focus of our mission and instead chases legends and myths. I fear that the girl's influence may have irrevocably poisoned his mind. It is with considerable regret that I must report his current mental instability to Group 935's leaders.


A journal, eh? Is it possible that Yuri had his hands on the diary of Pablo Marinus, a possession Richtofen once had back in 1918 which led him on his journey through the experimentation of 115? Who is Pablo Marinus? Is it sheer coincidence that upon Yuri discovering the diary, Samantha takes an interest in him and the Ascension group? Too many questions that will hopefully be answered, roll on Tuesday.

*I initially made a HUGE thread with a theory surrounding Ascension and Origins that I was going to post in Asylum, but it deleted itself :cry: , happy to answer any questions as I have a strong belief about the significance of this find, let me know what you think :)

EDIT: I stumbled upon this great thread by gamechanger which explains how Stuhlinger has a diary in Zombies, with quotes to back it up and Treyarch even going as far to put it on his person model. Be sure to give it a read, it could link to this :)viewtopic.php?f=100&t=34909

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It's sort of a long shot, since we don't exactly know what contents are in the journal of Pablo Marinus, and the diary Yuri was talking about. The only common thing is that they're about 115. But then, pretty much everything in Zombies has something to do with 115.

Now unless Yuri explicitly stated something like "The diary that Dr. Richtofen held onto for so long", then you might be onto something. But with so few information right now, it's hard to say whether these two are the same.

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