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died again from getting stuck in map


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I've been playing Buried A LOT this week. about the only map i've played. so today i was on Round 24. at this low round my strategy is stand in the courthouse, right on the ledge next to Speed Cola. shoot Zombies coming from both directions in the upstairs. once they get too close, back off the ledge and land right by Original Mystery box location. run up the stairs, and hit the trample steam to jump back into Courthouse. anyways..... today for the 2nd time this has happened (thought the first time was maybe just a fluke), when i backed off the ledge i guess i was too far to the left and landed between the mystery box and stairs. instantly stuck. could not move forward, backward, side to side at all. tried jumping, going prone. nothing worked. i could spin around, and could still shoot. but the minute i had to reload - game over.

seems this crap is happening to me quite a bit. there's one in Saloon as well. when i jumped through the hole in wall on 2nd floor, it's like i got stuck in a table. it sucks to put all the work into this.....and then some stupid glitch spot ends your game in like 3 seconds.

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