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possible new easter egg

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i just notices some notes on the wall of some of the cells so I got a sniper and looked at them. when I did it was just a bunch of code. ive found 3 or four. ive uploaded to videos of it on my channel MRcooldude6776. I wont be on to look at replies because im trying to get a sniper right now and video taping the rest. one is in the spawn room if you need proof. sorry really exiited so excuse the grammar k bie :D

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I wonder if this is what we're talking about


I noticed this today, it looks like it can be put together to be a poster of something.

This one was in the afterlife area you use to open up the showers door near the cafeteria, you can see it from the window that's right there.

I dont think thats what he is talking about. Thats the comic page piece. Hes talking about the long string of coding found on the back walls of certain cells.

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we HAVE to get more people involved in this or its just going to fade away into the darkness of everyones minds. so with that said im researching how to crack codes and such because im not good at doing that at all and can someone post a photo off all 4 of the codes to help

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