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Cell 14D "The Hole Cell" Purgatory Mode Connection

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As most of you have seen, there is a single still frame image in the trailer. It shows a small cell-like room with a teddy bear in the middle.

After some research I found a very similar looking cell to the one pictured above, with a ghost story attached to it. This is where it gets interesting.

This is a picture of cell 14D in Alcatraz. It has an unusual ghost story which I have quoted below.

Cell 14D is what is known as a ‘hole’ cell. Unruly prisoners were kept in ‘hole’ cells for up to 19 days at a time in complete isolation. A pretty miserable existence, I’m sure you will agree. Still, ‘hole’ cells were one up from ‘strip’ cells where an inmate had to survive in the dark with no clothing and meagre food rations.

Cell 14D has a curious legend attached to it. It is alleged that in the 1940’s a prisoner was thrown into the cell for some misdemeanour, but as soon as the door was closed he immediately began to scream the place down, shouting that there was some kind of creature in the cell with him with glowing eyes and it was trying to kill him. The screaming carried on throughout the night but the next morning the inmate was… strangely silent. When the guards checked on him, he was found dead. He had been strangled. Now, this in itself is rather eerie (unless you assume one of the guards had had enough of the prisoner screeching all night and decided to silence him) but the next morning when the guards carried out a head count the guards found they had one too many prisoners. A few of the guards said they had seen the ghost of the screaming man in amongst the other inmates but the phantom quickly vanished.

This could mean a lot of things, but my theory is that the Purgatory mode is somehow connected to the ghost stories of Alcatraz. In this "afterlife" you might encounter these ghosts that have haunted Alcatraz, and it is almost certain the Easter Egg will be connected to an objective you have to complete in Purgatory mode.

Let me know what you guys think about this and any additions you might have!

Link to my video discussing this theory.

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Perhaps visiting this cell while in Purgatory will reveal things?

This could be a good clue to a step in the Easter Egg. If we can find this cell in the map, it almost for sure has something to do with it. :)

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