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The Square - Future Of Zombies, the Story line & more!

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This post is based on evidence found in the past games and the latest tweets from people at Tryarch who work on zombies.

Lets get started...

The next zombies map, if all the evidence is correct, will be in the United Kingdom.

Most people are pointing at Northen Ireland.

Why? Because in the past 24 hours the creators of zombies have been tweeting out a lot of pictures about what we believe to be Ireland roads and buildings. If this is correct, then we could be getting the next zombies map here.

What drew people to the idea of United Kingdom in the first place is Jimmy Z twitter bio, which has been up ever since the launch of Die Rise, with a link going to the Watt Steam Engines twitter page. This machine was built in the UK and was a very big boost in Britians industrial stage.

So why would the map be in Ireland?

I honestly do not know. I don't know because we have never really been hinted towards this location before in past call of duty maps or tweets. It is until very recently where we are starting to get clues. Although. Ireland is known for having massive circle fort/castle structures, and once again, in a twitter image by Livingstone, there is a image of a Ireland road sign saying 'Ráth' this in English means Circle fort. Which would be a very good place for us to hold of against the undead flesh.

But, where will we be going after this?

I am not going to give you locations, because I do not have information, but it is somewhere south.

Maybe not South America, maybe not Africa but somewhere south. Why? Because it appears to me we need to make a square. There is one in America, one is China and one in Ireland. This, when looking on a flat map makes a triangle, but my belief is that we do not want a triangle, we want a square, that will work in link with the final 5th tower that we activate, (more after this!) so if we do have a square, that would make the next map, somewhere in Africa. It is anyones guess, but this is my theory!

Why a square though?

Well it works like every power supply would, if you have a power supply, then send more electric to it from 4 different corners then the signal in that power supply will be boosted. So, we are boosting a signal.

Where will the 4th DLC map be located and the final tower be located?

Paris. I know, there has been a lot of rumours about this map, and you are within your right to be sceptical, but hear me out. We have this square, that now all converges around France. So what if we boosted the signal to the biggest tower in the world? Then we have one heck of a signal!

Also, paris was originally going to be in Black Ops 1. We wasn’t going to be having moon, we was going to be having paris. But just before development of the map, someones must have said something, and then they worked on moon, which now we know played a very huge part in BLACK OPS 2 zombies. But the creators would have still had a Idea for paris. If they didn’t then they should have stuck with it in black ops 1. But the fact that they didn’t clearly means it plays a bigger role in the story.

Paris is a huge obelisk tower, and if enough energy is converted on that that tower, then you have a big signal to do something.

But what exactly will we be doing with this signal?

Heres a link to one of my older topics:


It explains what the navcard tables are for, and what will end up happening. Although I have changed my theory slightly, the end result still stands.

So go and check that out.

The final DLC map is anyones guess. My guess is somewhere either on moon again or teleported back to Germany. With the original character of course! (Tank, Nikoli, Takeo, Sam) So, we can all wait and see guys!

Hope you enjoyed and learned something new! Thankyou!




This is a little map that I did of the world.

There are 3 points, connected to eachother by red lines.

These are the 3 maps that have been reliesed. (One being Ireland, which may not be a map!)

The green section is where I think the future map will be if the next map is really located in Ireland.

It looks like it could be in Egypt. Which in my opinion, roling around a pyramid, sounds like treyarch.

the black mark in the middle is Paris, and france. Where the 4th DLC map will be.


If the next map doesn't turn out to be in the UK. Ignore this post and leave it to die! :P

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The text explains my theory more anyways :P

But, as of new DLC "leaks" IT ISN'T GOING TO PLAN! :P

However, I think the next DLC will be in a prison in france. No the Eiffel tower or anywhere like that.

I might post a topic why...

But, I'll leave this open until we have 100% confirmation.

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