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Overall Zombies EE?

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Due to the release of 'Die Rise' many things have been revealed, the most important thing in my opinion is the Navcard and the Reader, the Reader can be built in 'Die Rise' and a Navcard can be found on it too, the more interesting thing is that the Navcard from Greenrun can be inserted into this Navcard reader and it actually is accepted.

But that's it, it doesn't do anything, it doesn't give the bus a second route, it doesn't require 250,000 points to be in the bank on Greenrun and it doesn't do any giant easter egg, but it will.

My theory is that this giant Easter Egg will span over all 5 maps but will commence on the very last zombies DLC. The next DLC will also facilitate a Navcard and a Navcard table. I may be wrong but I believe each easter egg will end up powering the tower on each map, since both the Navcard readers so far are under/near a antenna.

These antennae are powered with 115, this is proven, the amount of 115 will do something special, or in my opinion it will do what it says in the 'Die Rise' intro cutscene, it will 'Open the Rift' since thats what the voice somewhat asked Samuel to do.

The rift could be some sort of portal that could bring Maxis/Rictofen into this world or enabling them to repair the earth, but which one will it help, you ask?

This depends on your decisions on the Easter Eggs, I'm sure there will be 2 Easter Egg endings, one will be helping Rictofen and one will be helping Maxis. On Greenrun you have the option to side with Maxis or Rictofen, same with Die Rise, Please Visit NGTZombies for evidence, (Its one of the best youtube channels for zombies info, or in my opinion, the best overall.) so when you do all these Navcards, power all the towers with 115 and side with Maxis or Rictofen the ending of Blackops 2 Zombies will commence, or, i'm sad to say this, but maybe the end of Zombies will commence, overall.

Please Elaborate and thanks for reading, feel free to give back some harsh feedback or even some nice feedback!

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I believe he says "man the rift" not "open the rift". A huge EE with all the maps would be neat though ^_^

I think it actually says "Mend the rift" meaning to change it, or open it. I agree, a huge EE with all the maps would be so rewarding.

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I'm pretty sure that it is "mend the rift", but mend doesn't mean change, it more closely means to repair it.

Anyhow, the rift (and furthermore, its repair) might mean the doorway through which Richtofen / Maxis enter, and thus commencing the giant easter egg that involves all these maps.

Of course, this decision will alter the easter egg to one of the two sides: Richtofen and Maxis. I still hold my ground in saying that the consequences for picking the Maxis Easter Egg might far outweigh those for picking Rochtofen, since Maxis did send Rockets to the earth, and he did laugh maniacally when they hit the earth, even though he knew they hit the wrong spots. So, overall, I think Richtofen is the good guy here, not Maxis - but it remains to be seen.

However, this is not the end of the Zombie storyline. In this "Asylum" forum, there is also a thread about Nuketown and depicting its story through a full-length analysis. In it, we see that on the comic book page, there are staples, indicating that we are halfway done with the zombie story, and thus, we have at least one more game to go on.

In any case, the NAV cards will play an enormous part in the Zombie saga. I would honestly go with the Richtofen easter eggs on all maps not only because of my theory on him as the good guy, but because his easter egg (I am referring to the TranZit one) had to deal with the NAV card tables, and the Maxis one didn't, pointing out that if we go with Richtofen and dedicate our time with his EE, then something spectacular will happen with the NAV cards and the final easter egg - that I can almost guarantee.

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