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Only playable on the Diner?

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Everytime we get Turned footage, it is at the diner in Green Run. Is this the only area that will be playable in this new mode? Will it be playable on Die Rise? I think Green Run will have the one spot for it (and will open the area bottom left on map select so we can play survival at diner) and Die Rise will have one area allocated for it. Which brings to another point, if we get more modes later, will they be playable on Green Run and Die Rise? I hope so. Thoughts?

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Well think about it... It's a new mode their adding in, it takes lots of coding to do this, so it will likely take place at the diner only... Hopefully they open up the diner for survival as well... I love that area...

The reason we haven't seen any die rise footage of turned is likely because they don't want to give ANYTHING away! And yes, there will likely be 3 survival maps, one tranzit type mode, one greif, and one turned mode for the new map pack,.. But that's just me...

We'll find out soon enough! :D

Tick tick BOOM! five more days until we can play in buildings! I love high areas in zombies, and due to the altitude there will likely be less lava! JOY!

Not to mention playing as a "Freahacken zombie"! Sense I'm into that kind of thing... :lol:

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