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ps3 froze?

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The majority of PS3 players seem to be getting similar problems, not just in Grief mode, some in TranZit mode & in MP.

What gets me is nothing seems to have been said (by Treyarch/Acitivsion) about it, if it is a software error (too much data at once or something like that) then FOR GOODNESS SAKE FIX IT! Give me a patch! I know they've tried to but it isn't working.

If it's a hardware issue then how did this slip through the net when putting the game on the stalls. Surely they've tested it on all consoles to see if all procedures & events work out correctly.

It does detract from the game... mine freezes a lot in zombies and a little bit in multiplayer so just know you're not the only one.

I suppose all we can do now is wait and hope it gets fixed, I wouldn't mind them at least telling us what the issue is, maybe lock the servers for maintanence & get it fixed rather than letting us play as if it's all fine. I'd prefer that than the risk of the console breaking!

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Yesterday it froze mid game during Grief. The host left and the game restarted and then my ps3 froze and I had to restart it.

My game has frozen numerous times and my friend was telling me it was my PS3, and I was like there is no way it is, happens to NONE of my other games.

Hopefully they patch it up at some point.

Now tonight I go to get Nuketown zombies and it says the sony network is down. Dang.

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I believe Saturday, the 19th @ 5am Eastern (2am Pacific) the network will be back up. So basically all late morning/afternoon the network will be back on and running.

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