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1v1-4 Idea; Quick Revive solo mechanic


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I was thinking about this, with QR being useless when by yourself and also gives you a disadvantage because you cannot die once or the other team could win. Perhaps if you bought QR when solo, you would have the ability to revive yourself (giving yourself for a potential four lives - equal to the amount of enemies. Once you buy your third one you cannot buy it again (although it stays there for the other team). If both teams die your QR counter resets and you can buy three more.

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Im actually fine with no quick revive when solo but i wish grief allowed you to do 1v 1 or any type of combo instead of only 4 v 4 when setting a game up. I had one where everyone quit except me and one guy on the other team. It was fun competing against one other seeing who gets downed first.

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So, if you are playing Grief and your entire team leaves (which is far from unusual) the mechanic of quick revive changes so you can revive yourself? I like this idea, however I can see it not being very effective as when you are down and reviving yourself, the other team will likely run trains right around you so as soon as you get up you will go back down.

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