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The story so far.

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So the story is so far..

Locations: Everybody is pretty certain tranzit is in the west of America and Nuketown is before and in Nevada.


Marlton: Is a genius and was trapped in the nuketown bunker and was formerly with another group. He has close ties with the CIA and CDC.

Russman: No-one really knows what he did or he ties in with the story.

Misty: Same with Russman but some say she has ties with the CIA.

Stu: He is very much into conspiracy and into eating human flesh (making refrences to it. Know one is certain what he did or who he is.

T.E.D.D: People know he was made by the bus company and drives around (no crap) and he make refrencesare pretty sure that the bus is driving around picking up survivors and is going to the Harrp research station (or somethin) but had a breakdwon and is traveling in circles. We think the Denizens are the Vril race and live under ground.

Post theories and other stuff in the comments ! :mrgreen:

-Aw man, Russman outta cash!-

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