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Alright hit me!


I want the best and worce ideas you can give me (hopefully most of them are "best")... I want to know:

A: WHERE the new zombies map is...

B: WHAT may happen, Easter egg wise... (go all out on this one 8-) )

C: WHO will be the playable characters (Z-crew, for Takeo, Tank, Nickolai, and Richtofen/Sam, Tranzits for Marelton, Misty, Samule, and Russman, just to shorten things... )

D: HOW they may have gotten there... No specific answer is needed...


*Note- For any unusually LONG descriptions, let's say 500 words or more is the absolute limit, please leave a link here, but apply the WHOLE thing on a different thread...

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A: Dulce Base

B: Maxis side: When you have chosen Maxis side you will help him get power to control all the devices on the earth. Step by step. The long pole where the green run easter egg found place is the power generator for the dulce base. Once you are there you will see the making of the denzinze because at the Dulce base were experiments on rats. Those rats became denzinze. This is a part of the easter egg. Lure the denzinze to a teleporter with meat. Once you have done that to all four teleporters you get in and you teleport to the 9th floor of the Dulce Base. Only the most important people could go to that floor. This is were the main easter egg takes place you have to turn on switches. A puzzle because there are 8 switches and you have to turn some off and some on. This will open a door you need to shoot the Gersh Prototype BHG at the middle of the floating ball. You need to shoot it 3 times to fill up the ball. This will be the main source of energy for the easter egg. You need to build a combiner. Put the Gersh Prototype BHG and the ball in. There is another ball in another room fill that one up. This will become a white ball. Knife the white ball and the black ball at the same time to colide them. This will create a EMP for a minute. Pick the grey ball up and go outside of the dulce base. Get into the bus. Drive to the Pole and put the Avogadro in again. Now the pole has power place the grey ball on the ground and let it fly up. The pole is now controlled by maxis so he controlls the dulce base too. Drive back to the dulce base. Find the computer at the same room where the grey ball was. Hack it with Marlton. Marlton will hack into the moon computers and make contact with the Z-crew. The Z-crew responds with a morse code. Marlton knows what they say ad tells the others: Richtofen is very mad. After the easter egg you can play on difficulty: Hard

Richtofen: Fuck Richtofen!

C: Tranzits

D: Via NavCard, because the DLC will activate the navcardmachine. The bus will take a new route.

E: The new wonderweapon will be the 'Gersh Prototype BHG'. It's a gersh device gun. Very usefull and it will give you a lot of points when you are rape training!

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