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Rape Train Routes on Town?

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Hey all, I'm new on the forums so I'm not too sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes.

I found a really good basic train on town that works pretty good. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there were an ultimate train that could be done and proven to get to round 40 or so consistently. Keep in mind that my train gets me to round 25 consistently with the highest round being 31. This is the first time I've really played Zombies, So i'm still trying to master the techniques. I made a vid showing how to run mine on my youTube account if anybody wanted to go look at it to see if there is a way better one? I don't want to post a link to the video and get banned, but my YT is the same as my member name on here if you want to search it. Hopefully that is allowed as it's not a link.

I am really trying to get better at being a Zombies Player and could use some help guys?

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Hi and welcome to the boards.


We are currently having some issues on this board. You see yourself, that you have to do 2-3-4 clicks to get to this subboard. It should be shown on the board index. I hope, the staff fixes this soon. We are all a bit annoyed about that. The admins are really busy, and only Liam is left with the proper permissions to make something about this, but it is actually not his responsibility, so he struggles a bit with the sub-forum creation. He has no practice with it, so let's give the staff some time.

That's also the reason, why I just saw your thread now by coincidence ;) Didn't even take note about these new boards here :D

Because you can't see the subboard in the index, kinda nobody notices these boards and watches them. But you actually posted in the theoretically correct section ;) But in reality, the correct section would be "Black Ops II - General" or if it's related to TranZit "Black Ops II - TranZit" I guess, cause these are the only board being watched by all of us. As said, we hope that we can point out those new sections here very soon.

On Topic

I'm struggling with Town too, made it twice to 35 in solo, but never got further... The lava is a pain, and it's everywhere. Circles where you could avoid the lava are too small and too risky.

My favorite for solo is either the first one in the following video, or the one at 12:36. Rather the one at 12:35 though. But I don't like either of them. There is always something, that can go wrong.

I think the safest solution, is to try something with that drop-down circles that I mention in the vid ( 15:00 ). They are about standing at a drop down, until the first zombie reaches you. That way, most zombies have already spawned once you drop down. After dropping down, you run a circle of your choice, which should be slightly easier than normal, cause they have already spawned and faced the spot before the drop down. After taking out a wave, you start all over.

When I play TranZit, I notice that I stay as far away fromt he town as I can. I think it's really not the easiest map out there.

So yeah, check it out


(btw it's ok to post vids as long as it's not 100% advertisement.)

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After Round 20 , I stayed in Bar and for a 2-3 seconds run out, train by stamin up , bring them inside Bar and kill them. Stay inside for 2-3 seconds and run out this way they mostly spawn around Bar.

This is what I did between 40 and 50. I ran around the lava pool by room next to speed cola and by stamin up. Skip to 2 minutes.


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All you have to do is run circles in the road to the right of the Pack-A-Punch near the Juggernog stairs, circle around, run to the Bar, shoot the line then go back to the East road. NEVER and I mean NEVER try to train in the road where Double Tap and the Semtexes are, it's too much of a hassle and there's not enough space.

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