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Custom game mode idea, Revival, go easy on me ....


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Revival is a search and destroy style game mode but with no bomb...

It would be first team too 4 wins in 2 minute rounds. switching sides at half time, the round will end when one team has lost all it's players.

Once players on either team are killed they are dead and will not respawn unless a player spends enough time in the revival zone.

The revival zone will be a headquarters like area in the centre of the map, players from either team must spend a set amount of time in this area to revive a fallen team mate.

E.g. 1 player in revival zone = 15 seconds till player respawn, 2 players = 10 seconds etc etc.

There is no limit on how many team mates can be respawned.

The players will respawn depending on there standing on the leaderboard, if a downed player is top of the leaderboard he will respawn first, bottom of the leaderboard he will respawn last.

This encourages the teams to stick together and gain control of the revival area to stop the enemy team from reviving downed team mates, teams who go it alone will surely die and leave the opposition to revive there fallen team mates.

I think this game mode truly forces players to work in teams and this is what call of duty needs.

score for this games mode as follows

Kill 100 score

Revival 150 score

Hope everyone likes the idea and would love to hear your opinions my first game mod idea so please go easy haha

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