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Right, might aswell be the 1st thread so let's summarise the story.

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x3tedlWs1XY (that's the trailer)

Frank Woods narrates the trailer, possibly the campaign.

You play as Alex Mason's son.

Hudson returns.

The story is China vs. America over a battle for rare-Earth minerals (presumably materials like gold, platinum etc.). The majority of the game is set in Los Angeles in the year 2025. But a 1/3 of the game is set in the final days/weeks of the Cold War and the rest is set in the future.

Another new feature is something called Strike Force. Basically they are a little bit like spec op missions, where you can direct troops do do things, play as a commander or take part first-person style. These also affect the outcome of the story. They have a single mission but will have side missions intertwined with the main one.

Will update when more info is realeased.

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Something I've been DYING to bring to people's minds, but think about the quote, "What happens when the enemy steals the keys?"

Currently, in any form of signal transmission or unmanned anything, the code in place would take your entire lifetime to crack. And if you did manage to crack it, they would already being using a different incryption.

That would mean only one thing, storyline wise (IMO): There is a Mole, or a traitor, in the army. They passed the keys to the enemy, and all hell breaks loose.

If this is the case, the storyline would be broken up into two ultimate goals: Finding the Mole, and fixing the problem (keeping the enemy from terroizing us anymore) all while surviving the onslaught delivered by the robots.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Comments?

Post Below! All thoughts are welcome, even ones that are negative!

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I want to share this is amazing story that I read in New York library it is amazing and interesting story. I hope you like it many many more.

Duck Food...

A duck walks into a bar and says "Do you have duck food here?"

The bartender says "No" and the duck leaves.

The duck comes back the next day and says "Do you have duck food?"

The bartender says "No."

The duck comes back the next day and says "Do you have any duck food?" The bartender says "I already told you ‘No’ twice! If you come back and ask me again, I’m going to nail your feet to the floor!"

The duck comes back the next day and says "Do you have any nails?"

The bartender says "No."

"Do you have any duck food?"

So Drunk He Can't Walk

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