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old DOA

dry ice burns

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Well back in the day I wasn't too big on DoA, so I can't say for sure, but I can tell you about nowadays. I personally don't glitch and neither does anyone I play with. Barrels work miracles for me and others right now. The orbs are pretty sketchy though- the first one always works but after that it's all luck. Whenever I'm down to my last orb it will go off when it's not even close to a zombie. The worst part is if an orb hits a dog it does nothing and is wasted.

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I will openly admit that I use glitches, however, I contend that this behavior is acceptable under this condition: one must be a Dead Ops Champion in order to use glitches without shame. The maps that have glitches in which you are invincible in a certain location are absolutely easy to beat playing legitimately. I just like being able to snack, smoke, or move my bowels while the game continues with another player(s) racking up points/equipment. I am a Dead Ops Champion; I can glitch if my heart so desires.

Barrels, orbs, and teddy bears should not change the way one approaches gameplay. I just play like I don't even have them or, if I have barrels for example, I'll run down a line of zombies while keeping a safe distance in case my magical barrels run dry of liquid mana. Teddy bears, ugh, don't get started on the tales of betrayal I've experienced.

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