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Best black ops zombies map?

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Hey i have some spare microsoft points and im trying to choose a zombie map to download. I've already bought moon. So, between ascension, call of the dead, and shangri la, which is best in your opinion??

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I like CotD cuz it balances out difficulty in my opinion. Shangri lla(ma) is tight and easy to die in and pretty impossible in a random game. Ascension is also kinda easy since PaP can be opened with small participation from the ransoms, the thunder gun is a very good "oh shit" gun and is easy to kill with. Also ransoms can basically steal your perks since the monkey rounds. Call of the dead requires little participation from randoms and is pretty balanced with George. IMO get CoTD

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Ascension. As much as I love a good challenge and spend hours upon hours learning everything about how to play the hard maps, there's nothing better than a fun, chill game and Ascension is perfect for that. Also there's very little dependancy on random players to keep yourself alive and get the weapons you want to get from the PaP. There are a lot of doors of course, but you'll soon find box spammers wanting to open these doors when the box moves ;)

So yeah, overall a fun and just awesome map, Ascension is my recommendation.

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I find Shangri-La the most enjoyable and replayable of the three. Funnily enough I've never had a problem with randoms on there. I've always been able to PaP when needed, and rarely do I come across point whores on there. COTD on the other hand is manic for it. People always hitting George, refusing to open doors, always spamming the box... Uh. Ascension just isn't to my taste. I just find it bland and boring. The worst map I'd say.

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