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where is zombies headed from here?

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Theres no denying it, zombies will return. The only question is 2012 or 2013?? What im curious about is will the gang return? I think they likely will but maybe in a smaller role now on to my reasons why. For starters all of the maps from verruckt onwards that have contained demps&co have had a teaser sample for the next elena song on the game over screen (cotd and five both have different songs and different heroes) moon has no such song. Now im not saying she wont be signing another contract to do some songs for blops2 but she was intentionly left off the moon maps game over screen. I think they will be in the effiel tower map and it could be the conclusion to blops2 that moon was to blops (i had heard they removed the pic of paris from the der reise but i looked my self with dragnov and its definity still there) but i am guessing they will absent from atleast the first map. Should also give them a bit them a bit of time to explain between the doc and sam, they have a plan about how to explain or they wouldnt have allowed such a story changer to go ahead. I just hope they have a another way to tell us other than just radios like they do. A solo intro like five or cotd would be great (ever notice that the maps the different musicians also have solo intros? I smell a vast conspiracy unravelling) 8-)

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Well we all know zombies will return I think that they should expand the idea of space how about this

Map Name:Inferno:A rocket heading for the sun and when it gets to close you have to put on

P.E.S and lunch yourself to a new rocket

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they most likely didnt have her sing a game over screen song so they could make it seem like this is the end, which it isnt

This. There was a big scare that moon was the last map, even though the guy explicitly said it was a "season finale"

well its basic logic, how do you make people constantly think about something they love? make it seem like it never comes back again.

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