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future zombies

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So guy i have watching this video about the black ops zombies creators like they were telling people about what work went into the maps and when they developed the story and how they added on to it...well they said they look at these ALOT so i wanted to put in my sugestion ...they actually fix alot of stuff i thought they should add since i first started playing such as perks, upgrading,and going outside but recently they added alot just with the hacker sharing points,opening doors faster, and paying for max ammos HOWEVER most zombies player tht are good and can easily get past 30 just messing around start to get bored with everything the same through those rounds since its just the same thing over and over.... so i was think which this is going to be some what hard to explain have the maps connected by the easter eggs..like if you do the easter eggs u step on a now active teleport/lander/whatever and it takes you to the next map in order of the maps but of coarse untill they makes maps after it. the teleport/lander/whateveris inactive also adds suspense for the next map. but as the map changed it stays the same round ,you keep the same guns,and perks and make it possible for one player on each map to get the wounder gun of that map.. oh and i deffinatly think they should keep Sam in edwards body

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I always though that'd be a sweet idea too, never thought of keeping the round/ weapons though, but being able to play through each map in a game would be a sweet idea, and it'd fell like there was more emphasis on the storyline, without spoiling the gameplay.

I remember the call of duty exp thing one of the guys said they wanted to keep adding to the storyline, but they didn't want it to have to be objective based, well i think this'd be a great way to do just that.

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They want a balance of actual gameplay, like sporadic and OH MY GOD THERES ZOMBIES WTF!!!? and the latter is a rich storyline we have to find for ourselves.

Treyarch knows they have a big audience on both sides, MP and Zombies. They cannot change one mode completely to cater to ones needs though. So that keeps up wishing.

I hope this enlightened.

MyLittleHellhound, Suzy, Taeyeon, Jessica, and IU out!

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To make more interesting higher rounds i sugest as a reward some bonuses,special unlocks,new abilitys or what ever make it want u to go on high rounds!But the idea is good it was mentioned couple of times alredy here!it doesnt have to be same big as the begining map just place whitch u unlock hiting for example round 20 than in round 25 u unlock another bit of the second map and so on!

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so i just check this and ik its been mentioned but ive never heard it of how it would be done and i thought the teleporters would be a good idea but anything is possible of what they will do they only said major rule is no cut scenes

Kino:1 player:36 -2player:47

five:4 player 25

acension :solo 59 -2 player 49

call of dead:solo:25-3 player:32

moon:2 player:35(however game stopped spawning zombies after teleporting back to moon then knifed other player when i was down from suffication and killed him)

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