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too many haters?

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All I hear with Modern Warfare 2 is ZOMG I hates it NOOB TUBES COMMANDO LAGZZZ WTF!!11!!!

Yet, people still play it.

I ge why people get mad sometimes, I go in rage mode sometimes but I'll even get pissed at Dorito's Crash Course.

So what's with all the disliking of this game? People complain about Commando, once every few games someone annoying will be using it. Killstreaks? Cold Blooded, it's been out for so long like everyone has it. Noob tubes, don't play Ground War a lot, simple. And if you are, avoid open areas or spawn tube areas. And lag and spawns? Every MP game I play has shit spawns, and sometimes lag, and what do people expect from games so old they lack frequent support. I mean ya it gets annoying a little but it's just a game, and it's well balanced, every gun has it's advantages and disadvantages and all of them are usable, except the F2000 that was a fluke. but I don't have a problem with anything else, there's stuff I don't like but that's really it. I find it to be a fun, great, addictive game. Not sure why people hold grudges at CoD. And for whoever says all cods are the same, they haven't played them much because there's such a difference in MW2 and WaW it's ridiculous, in how they are played, and the map layouts, and just everything. CoD 4 is way different too. On paper, all the CoDs sound the same, but in action, they are all played rather different. The skills carry over because the basics are the same, but some love certain CoDs and love others, so it's proof they're not the same. Anyone else agree?


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Ima have to agree with you, people complain too damn much about these games. Despite that, I still place MW2 as my least favorite CoD, but for different reasons than complaining. I just sorta got bored with it, which hasn't really happened with the other 3 CoDs I have.

I understand. Some people just make up BS and complain about stuff that's with EVERY SINGLE ONLINE FPS. no game has perfect servers, nobody can be perfect at every game, always gonna be some flaws, etc. people have to accept it.

And then every way that people die is noobish. I hear a guy coming with a shotgun, I know I can't beat him, I go prone and surprise him and apparently I'm a camper or noob for taking advantage of a situation and playing it smart.

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