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Main problem with Shangri-La

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Been thinkin about it lately, and although I still think this is my favorite map to play all around, especially with a full 4 player crew, treyarch really dropped the ball with how the pack a punch is activated. without separate lobbies for players with microphones, it makes it nearly impossible to pack a punch unless you find a full crew to play with before hand. You can even have a fairly competent group but if one person doesnt have a mic and doesnt know to pay attention to the spinning statue, you can have a good team and still have absolutely no opportunity to upgrade guns.

other than that the map is fantastic, but hopefully Treyarch reads the feed back loud and clear from the community on this topic

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My main problem with the map is related. If you are in the higher rounds and someone goes down and dies out... You could be screwed. Every single map I've played has at one time or another required a mid round upgrade after someone has died in order to clutch it. That's not possible in this map. If someone dies... and you don't get a max ammo and it's round 25 or higher.... you're pretty much screwed unless you get very very lucky.

If they would make it so that if a player dies out the remaining players can still upgrade it would make this map much much better IMO.

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