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    Papers and Posters

    Might be powering HAARP


    Might be powering HAARP Note.png


    (...) might be powering HAARP, but it comes with a risk. (...) may consider using (...)


    To Berlin


    Send Word to Berlin The Weapon Causes.png


    Send wo(..) to Berlin. The weapon causes (...)


    Die Glocke


    Die Glock Der Riese.png


    Die Glock (...) der reise


    Poster Homo Sapiens


    Skull of the Homo Sapien.png


    Skull of the Homo Sapiens. This is a boney structure that is found in most animals.


    Poster arm


    The Arm Is Attached Poster.png


    The Arm is attached to the body by the shoulder. Sometimes (..) can (...) rip them off the body with enough force


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