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    Maxis Intel

    Season 2


    Audio Logs

     "Call Me Mac" (Location: ???) - Carver interviews Maxis in the isolation ward.


    Carver: Good evening, Agent Maxis. I'm Major Carver. I hope you're recovering from your ordeal.


    Maxis: 'Major'. Would that make you Requiem's highest ranking military representative?


    Carver: Please. Call me Mac. My friends do. Now... I'm going to get down to brass tacks. We're fighting a war that we both know we're losing. I was hoping your experiences could shed some light on just how far the enemy has gotten ahead of us.


    Maxis: Which enemy? Are you talking about Omega?... Or the others?


    Carver: When you say 'others', I'm assuming you mean hostile elements from within the Dark Aether itself? Are they... Mobilizing? Are there forces strategizing an assault on our world? What kind of technology do they possess? Is there some kind of hierarchy we should be aware of?


    Maxis: Well. 'Mac'. To answer your questions in order - Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm not sure. Probably... But I'd be lying if I said I understood it. The whole experience of being trapped there was... Confusing.


    Carver: With all due respect, Agent Maxis.... As a former agent of the BND, there have doubtless been times in your career - your life - where lying and misleading those around you was very much essential?


    Maxis: Do you think I'm lying to you, Major Carver?


    Carver: No, but I am concerned about the content of some transmissions you sent while you were in the Dark Aether. Some of them seem to imply that you yourself might have caused the outbreak at Outpost 25.


    Maxis: I don't know how that would be possible, do you?


    Carver: In recent months, we've seen a lot of things we never thought possible. So - if any details do come back to you, I trust you will let us know.


    Maxis: Of course. Now, if you don't mind I would like to get some sleep.

     "My Reputation Precedes Me" (Location: ???) - Strauss visits Maxis -- and voices his concerns.


    Strauss: Well, isn't this nice? I thought you might appreciate hearing a familiar voice... We have a lot in common, after all.


    Maxis: I'm not sure that we do. We're both Germans, but I think the similarity ends there.


    Strauss: Oh dear, I'm sorry. Are you... Ashamed of your nationality for some reason?


    Maxis: Not ashamed. Not at all. But our nationality isn't what defines us.


    Strauss: True. Very true.


    Maxis: What do you want, Doctor Strauss?


    Strauss: My reputation precedes me! I'm flattered. Humbled even.


    Maxis: I'm not sure you've ever been humbled, Strauss. In fact, I'm not even sure you're that much different from Peck.


    Strauss: My... Such anger. You don't like him do you? I can't say that I'm surprised. I mean... He did treat you very... badly.


    Maxis: I don't like repeating myself, but again I have to ask - What do you want?


    Strauss: Requiem are very interested in the... gaps in your memory regarding the events at outpost 25. Particularly its destruction and the question of your role in it.


    Maxis: I was angry and confused, but that doesn't mean I could somehow unleash all the forces of the Dark Aether upon Omega.


    Strauss: Well, I was thinking your anger was perhaps directed more at Peck. I would understand the desire for revenge.


    Maxis: You really think I had the power to do that, Strauss?


    Strauss: I'm more concerned about the possibility of you doing it again.


    Maxis: Don't worry. I'm not a danger to you - or anyone else.


    Strauss: What about yourself?


    Maxis: Don't you have other things to do, Strauss?

    "It's All Relative" (Location: In a building near the large haybales on Gorlova.) - Grey checks in on Maxis. They discuss the nature of time and emotional tolls.


    Grey: Hi Sam. I'm Doctor Elizabeth Grey. I was wondering if you felt well enough for a bit of a chat?


    Maxis: Sure, Liz. Why not?


    Grey: I don't really like being called Liz - that was my Mum's name. I prefer Elizabeth, if that's okay? Wait. I just realized - Do you prefer Samantha?


    Maxis: Samantha. Sam. Maxis. Doesn't really matter to me. What do you want, Doctor Grey?


    Grey: I just wanted to ask you some questions. Truth is - we're all a little bit surprised how well you're doing after your time in... well, you know.


    Maxis: You don't really know how well I'm doing or how long I was there - do you?


    Grey: That was one of the things I wanted to talk about. We do know that time moves differently there... Slower or faster? Not sure - suppose it's all relative, really!


    Maxis: I was there a long time. A very long time. So long I thought I'd never get out.


    Grey: I'm sorry. I really am, but that's what's so unusual. Normally when people come back - they're more damaged. Physically and emotionally.


    Maxis: What makes you think I'm not damaged? 


    Grey: The only thing we've actually been able to detect is the change to your eyes. I've never seen anything like it... They're almost 'iridescent'. Do things look different to you?


    Maxis: I see things differently, if that's what you mean. Sometimes the light hurts my eyes. Especially if I'm tired.


    Grey: Are you tired now?


    Maxis: Would you mind... switching the lights off on your way out?

     "We've Both Been To Hell" (Location: ???) - Weaver talks to Maxis. Bad memories are revisited.


    Maxis: Weaver.


    Weaver: Hello Sam.


    Maxis: You look serious?


    Weaver: My colleagues tell me you've not exactly been cooperative, or forthcoming. Instead you've been evasive... Obtuse even.


    Maxis: Ain't that just like me?


    Weaver: This isn't a joke Sam. I'm worried about you. We all are.


    Maxis: After what I've been through - Do you honestly think I'm joking?!


    Weaver: Sam.


    Maxis: I thought I'd died and gone to hell. I thought everything and everyone I ever knew was gone forever.


    Weaver: You've been to Hell before though, Sam. We both have. I was never going to leave you there to die.


    Maxis: Like you did the boy?


    Weaver: That's not fair Sam. That was a different situation. We both did all we could.


    Maxis: But not enough. He's still dead isn't he?


    Weaver: I can see you're agitated, so I'm going to let you get some rest. I hope you feel better soon.


    Weaver: I don't want to upset you.


    Maxis: Why? Are you worried I'll destroy everything like you think I did at Outpost 25?!


    Maxis: Weaver!



    "Maxis Status Report" (Location: Acquired through killing an elite enemy.) - Weaver updates the senior staff regarding the condition of Maxis following the events at Outpost 25.


    Marked June 17, 1984


    MEMORANDUM FOR: Carver, M. Grey, E. Strauss,, O.

    FROM: Weaver, G.

    SUBJECT: Agent Maxis


    I know you all have your hands full right now sifting through the intel recovered from Operation Lost Property in Vietnam, but you have each inquired separately about the welfare and whereabouts of former BND agent Samantha Maxis so I want to share our initial assessment of her condition.


    Immediately following her extraction form the Dark Aether, agent Maxis was evacuated by our strike team, placed under medical supervision and transported directly to Requiem headquarters. Preliminary physical and psychiatric evaluations were performed en route.


    She was found to be in surprisingly good physical condition considering her ordeal in the other dimension. While we estimate she spent roughly 48 hours there, Agent Maxis claims she was missing for many months. Physiological and metabolic data support her claim, but further details are slow in coming due to post-traumatic stress issues and apparent gaps in her memory. We will continue to monitor for indications of brain damage.


    I ordered her confined to the quarantine suite where she will remain until further notice. Though she was operating in an unsanctioned capacity, she is not to be considered a prisoner. However, we need to know what Maxis learned about the other side and I will secure her cooperation personally.


    For the time being, only myself, the Director, and Requiem medical staff will have access to Maxis as we continue running tests on her. All data and findings will be shared with you as I deem appropriate. I will permit you to interview her when conditions allow. Until then, focus your efforts on the intel from Omega Outpost 25 and its implications for future ops.



     "Maxis Diary Entry" (Location: Acquired through killing an elite enemy.) - Maxis describes a dream she had while recovering in quarantine.


    Sometimes I find it hard to sleep

    Even though I look forward to it

    When I dream

    I see faces

    Faces of people I care about

    And faces of people that don't care for me

    Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two

    But one face stands out from all others

    The face of a child

    A boy

    He is lost


    I want to help him

    But somehow I feel that he is


    Dreams are unreliable witnesses

    As too am I

    Sometimes I find it hard to sleep


    Radio Transmissions

     "Lab Rat" (Location: ???) - Maxis reestablishes contact with the strike team. But trust is in short supply.


    Maxis: Well, it's good to be part of a team. Right?


    Maxis: If I'm honest, I've felt like a bit of a lab rat lately. I've been poked, prodded, questioned, even... Interrogated?


    Maxis: It's almost like they don't trust... me.


    Maxis: I'm starting to understand how they feel. I'm not sure if I can trust them anymore -- even Weaver.

     "Three Out Of Four" (Location: ???) - Maxis discusses her new status at Requiem, and shares thoughts about Ravenov.


    Maxis: So - After an extended debriefing with Requiem Senior staff - They don't want to clear me for field ops -


    Maxis: Carver. Strauss. Grey... Weaver. They needed a unanimous vote to authorize my return to active duty.


    Maxis: Three out of four isn't bad. But it's not enough.


    Maxis: Anyway - Ravenov. He helped you, right? He helped me.


    Maxis: He has conviction - and the courage to stand up for his beliefs. He's doing what's right. He's a good man.


    Maxis: I hope you've come to trust him like I have. I think he could be key to overturning Omega.


    Maxis: Because there has to be a key to making all this stop.

     "Both Ways" (Location: ???) - Maxis warns that as big as the Cold War is, there is a bigger war coming.


    Maxis: I don't know how much they really tell you about the Dark Aether, but... I've seen it. I've felt it.


    Maxis: No matter how big this Cold War is between East and West - Requiem and Omega - there's an even bigger one threatening to boil over.


    Maxis: We're interested in them - eager to know how we can exploit their world for our advantage...


    Maxis: But believe me - they're just as interested in us.


    Maxis: The door swings both ways.

     "I've Changed" (Location: ???) - Maxis shares her feelings on Dr. Grey, and wonders how this war has changed them all.


    Maxis: What do you think of Liz? Sorry - I mean Elizabeth... Grey. Doctor.


    Maxis: I like her. Even though I don't think she's actually... a medical doctor?


    Maxis: How are you feeling, by the way? Are you seeing any 'signs'? I'm not the only one who's been exposed to the Dark Aether here.


    Maxis: I'm the same person now as the one that you dealt with, but I think that I've changed.


    Maxis: I try not to show it, but... you can probably see it in my eyes.


    Maxis: I can see it in yours too.


    Maxis: I hope we're okay.

     "Why I Fight" (Location: ???) - Maxis reveals her fears about the Dark Aether... and about herself.


    Maxis: Sometimes, it's hard to remember how all this started. Do you feel the same?


    Maxis: We're all soldiers. We're all fighting our wars - For our countries, for our brothers, for our sisters.


    Maxis: When you're faced with a seemingly insurmountable threat, it's easy to forget how it all began, or to imagine how it all ends.


    Maxis: The Dark Aether threatens to consume us all - That much I'm sure of - and that's why I fight.


    Maxis: It holds a power over us, and I think I'm afraid that it could one day consume me.


    Maxis: I've seen it, I've felt it, I've questioned my role.


    Maxis: Did Weaver tell you that I was the one who caused the outbreak at Outpost 25?


    Maxis: Even if he didn't say it out loud...


    Maxis: I think he may be right.

     "True Courage" (Location: ???) - Maxis muses about standing up to Evil.


    Maxis: No matter what happens, I hope all of you will find the strength in your hearts to do what is right.


    Maxis: Whenever you are faced with a great darkness, you must do all you can to meet it with... light


    Maxis: This is something Ravenov knew.


    Maxis: He knew he could not longer stand by as Omega's evil reigned.


    Maxis: That - is true courage.


    Maxis: I hope I can do the same.



     "Endstation Video Tape" (Location: In Golova on a table [See image]) - The video cassette tape Maxis smuggled to Weaver that triggered Requiem's investigation of Projekt Endstation.


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     "Maxis BND Badge" (Location: In Golova, near some sandbags by the industrial park.) - A memento from Maxis' days as an agent of the West German BND.


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