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    Will soon succumb


    Your resolve is weakening you will soon succumb




    If you are not the betrayer. You will be the betrayed






    A fool such as you


    Even a fool such as you may prove useful turn around before it is too late


    Crumble to dust


    All that you believe in will crumble to dust


    The library


    The library must stay hidden


    Lords are nine (Found on cultists' robes)


    The lords are nine, holding the truth.
    To hear the truth we must listen to
    To speak the truth we must
    To see the truth we must open our eyes
    Cross the threshold and forever be transformed


    The dark heart (Found on priest's pendant)


    The dark heart
    The lords nine
    The last gates
    The third eye
    The rose cross


    Prove your fortitude (Found in the arena)


    Prove your fortitude unlock the gates


    Reward for the doomed (Found on the podium bowls)


    Reward for the doomed


    Lord of the sun (Found on Ra statue)


    Above the scorching deserts beyond the sea the lord of the sun sees all
    His eye has stood watch over farmer and pharoah rising and setting the same
    All seeing sight shall be ours as well in shadow no evil shall hide
    For we are the lord of the sun, our light, reveals truth. In chaos, it shall be done


    Gold and silver (Found on Ra statue)


    Gold and silver are worthless on the journey to enlightenment


    Mother of life (Found on Danu statue)


    In the ancient forests of island green the mother of life bears fruit
    Her children, the trees and people alike, she whispers her love as they grow
    Barren lands shall grow at our touch, that which is green shall spread
    For we are the mothers of life, our roots run deep. In chaos, it shall be done


    Worship of earth (Found on Danu statue)


    Worship of earth and nature alone does not lead to our gateway


    King of the gods (Found on Zeus statue)


    On the meridian shores of sand and stone the king of the gods holds court
    With lightning, his will, and thunder, his voice, he directs all creation to follow
    Our words shall ring loud and clear; sky, sea and storms. One golden voice in every ear
    For we are the kings of the gods, our reign is nigh. In chaos, it shall be done


    Many gods you worship (Found on Zeus statue)


    The many gods you worship will not have all the answers you seek


    Wandering father (Found on Odinstatue)


    Through the northern seas and mountains cold, the wandering father guides men
    In battle, in verse, in life, in death, his wisdom is often disguised
    Our deed shall echo in glorious songs, lessons of blood saved and spilt
    Through the northern seas and mountains cold the wandering father guides men


    Sacrifice of another (Found on Odin statue)


    The sacrifice of another is not enough to gain our knowledge


    Ranging creation (Found on temple pillars)


    Ranging creation from the matter poured
    The world a coating in fires four
    Sacred knowledge we now guard
    The corrupter's mind must be barred


    Only the worthy (Found on temple pillars)


    Only the worthy will cross the threshold and be transformed


    Estellephant (Found on the elephant boss)




    Poseidon (Found in the ending cutscene)




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