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    Phonograph Cylinders

    Haunted Land


    Alistair Rhodes: "I've lost count of how many people have asked me why I bought Rhodes Manor. I should think the answer is self-evident, the Druid ruins of course! The locals have long considered my plot of land haunted. In fact, the original house built on the property was burned by a mob of villagers back in the 1600s. The owner back then was a fellow named Edward Covington. He vanished the night the house was put to the torch. Everyone presumed he'd been killed by the mob but we may never know since his body was never found."


    Three Fallen Warriors


    Alistair Rhodes: "Last month I ventured into the old druid temple buried beneath my grove of oak trees. To my surprise, I found three fallen warriors bedecked in plate mail. I restored the armor and have them displayed in several locations on the estate. They are in remarkably good condition, alas the same cannot be said for the warriors corpses. Local records indicate that in 1487, Sir John Wells, Sir Egbert Willoughby and Sir Richard Wittville disappeared in this area. Now if only I could only determine what killed them."


    Slaughter of the Druids


    Alistair Rhodes: "This estate continues to provide tantalizing archaeological finds. Just yesterday, I uncovered a Viking battle axe, most likely from the mid 9th century. It's a stark reminder of the Viking conquest of this area, especially since I found this axe still embedded in a Celtic skull. The Viking arrival sounded the death knell for the druids. But if local legends are to be believed, one group of druids made their last stand right here on my estate. I hope to discover more about them."




    Alistair Rhodes: "Another exciting find today. While digging in the garden next to the greenhouse, I unearthed the Celtic figurine of a creature I can only describe as a Werewolf. This fits with the druid reverence for animals but it's the combination of human and lupine features that intrigues me most. There is a local belief that the druids cursed their most powerful enemies, transforming them into beasts, guardians for this sacred oaks. Was this figurine linked to that superstition?"


    Druidic Freemasonry


    Alistair Rhodes: "My druid research turned up at least one surprise. A former owner of this estate, Owen Pugh, played a key role in starting up modern druidry in the 1780s. Though well-intentioned, the modern druidic movement bears more resemblance to Freemasonry than to the actual druids of old. I have to wonder if Pugh was aware of the history of this particular plot of land. Pugh was eventually driven out of the organization after he got arrested for building a full-scale Wicker man on this property. He spent his last years at Hoxton House lunatic asylum, I only hope I don't wind up there myself."


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