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    Wisps (Samantha)

    "Tank" Dempsey


    Samantha: Oh… Oh Dempsey… Another big tough man without a brain… Always a good soldier! Always the American savage! Und always so gleefully killing my puppets! Who are you always talking to? I hear you do it. Even when the others aren’t around. You are like a talking doll! Speaking to people who aren’t there! Maybe Teddy DID break you! But you can stop him! It could be so easy! Just pull the trigger and… POP! No more Teddy! What is it you want? Do you want to stop fighting? Do you want to go home? Do you want your memories back? The ones he took from you? Kill him for me, und I will give you EVERYTHING!


    Nikolai Belinski


    Samantha: Why does HE get to have all the fun, Nikolai? Why does Teddy get to make all the rules? Is it because Nikolai is smelly? No! Is it because Nikolai likes buying drinks? No! Is it because Nikolai is sad? No... It is because you settled! You settled for being a supporting role in your own life! I understand. You lost everyone und everything you loved. And then, slowly, you lost yourself. But you were not always this way! When you were young, your spirit was strong! You were not content with playing second fiddle! [sigh] But that man no longer exists. Well, he no longer exists in you! [giggles] Did you find my little present, Nikolai? The little something I left for you? I bet you didn’t even recognize him! Time is a cruel mistress!


    Edward Richtofen


    Samantha: [giggles] Stupid, silly, smelly Teddy… You think you are so big und scary! But a man with such a big brain, your head is hollow! Nothing inside! [laughter] You think they do not notice the people you hurt? But they know! They remember! WE REMEMBER! Do you even remember?! What you did to daddy?! What you did to mein Fluffy?! Of course you do! You just do not care! Because you are obsessed! Stupid, stubborn, sad-faced Teddy! I know you hear voices! I hear them too... Do you know what they tell me? They say you cannot come here! [laughter] I hope you are having fun, Edward! Because if mein puppets do not kill you, I'll do it myself! I will pull you apart, like a little doll! Limb. By. Limb. Until all your stuffing comes out!


    Takeo Masaki


    Samantha: Takeo Masaki! Always talking about honor, and your ancient samurai ways! But you are just so... oh, boring! [laughs] It is no wonder the others despise you! At least you were kind to the monkey. When Edward took it from me, I was so mad! He made him into a monster! But you still see good in the monsters! Is that why you like Edward so much? Always so eager to please the doctor! Takeo, the loyal servant! Takeo, the lap dog! Takeo, the whipping boy! [laughs] Is that just who you are Takeo? A follower? Not a leader? Join me, Takeo. Kill Edward and I will restore your honor! After all, a good dog should be rewarded! Not neglected!


    The Crooked Man (Found by standing in corner in the morgue)


    Samantha: There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.


    Samantha: He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.


    Samantha: He bought a crooked cat, which a caught a crooked mouse.


    Samantha: And they all lived together in a little crooked house.




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