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    Completely docile


    Schuster: You made progress Doctor Layman?

    Lehman: Yes? Um... Yes! Yes, Aksum(?). As you know our success with the undead experimentation has been limited.

    Schuster: Yes, yes, we've achieved the same benchmarks as Maxis but as with his trials they refuse to obey orders.

    Lehman: That's right! We can't control them, we can't make them docile, but I believe I've cracked it!

    Schuster: I'm listening.

    Lehman: Okay, last month our man inside the Ascension Group sent us copies of Doctor Richtofen's diary. I've been poring over it, following his research and...

    (A zombie can be heard in the background, seemingly in an aggressive state)

    Schuster: That doesn't seem very docile to me.

    Lehman: Just watch. Stand back Doctor Schuster. I promise you it's quite safe.

    (To the zombie, a finger snap can be heard)

    Lehman: Walk!

    Schuster: Incredible! It's completely subservient. How did you achieve this?

    Lehman: I have vaporized Element 115, brought it to a gaseous state. The specimen inhaled it.

    Schuster: Inhaled it?

    Lehman: (sigh)... Un-unfortunately, it had to be done while the specimen was still alive.

    Schuster: While they were still alive?! What heavens man did you...

    Lehman: The soldier was gonna die anyway. Hm... Doctor? Are you alright?

    Schuster: Oh my apologies, Layman. I'm distracted by the eyes... They're yellow.


    Chemical weapon


    Sawyer: 10 out of 10 trials. Docile and obeying commands. And it's activated with living subjects.

    Lehman: That's correct, Colonel. Completely subservient.

    Sawyer: And you've achieved all this with a chemical gas?

    Schuster: That is correct, Colonel. Doctor Layman has successfully transformed Element 115 into a chemical weapon.

    Sawyer: Do you know what this means, Doctor Layman, what the potential of this gas could be?

    Lehman: Um... Yes, yes, but more importantly we've gotten these creatures to obey our commands as Richtofen and Maxis would have wanted.

    Sawyer: Oh, to hell with them! This gas, if you released it over Moscow you could end this Cold War tomorrow. Doctor Schuster, when can we bring this to full production?

    Schuster: With some additional testing... six weeks.

    Sawyer: That's perfect.

    Lehman: Hold on a damn minute. That's not what this is all about. A chemical weapon is nothing! We were talking about building an undead army here, how do you not all get that?! It's what I'm supposed to do! It's what I've been ordered to do!

    Sawyer: What's gotten into you, Doctor Layman?

    Lehman: What's gotten into me?! We're not following her orders, she told me to do this! It's what we have to do, not waste our time with this bullshit!

    Sawyer: Excuse me, Doctor, do we have a problem?

    Schuster: No, Colonel, no problem. We'll get it done.

    Sawyer: Be sure you do.

    (Colonel Sawyer is heard leaving the room)

    Schuster: What the devil is gotten into you?!

    Lehman: I'm sorry. I'm not sure what happened. It's that damned diary, ever since I started reading it I'm now hearing things like voice in my head.

    Schuster: Pull yourself together! This is a major breakthrough, be proud of your work.

    (Doctor Schuster is heard leaving the room)

    Lehman: Don't worry, I still hear you. They are fools. It will be done.


    The fifth man we lost


    Schuster: Log entry 97. August 3rd, 1963. The Matter Transference Device has been realigned... again in order to accommodate additional temporal variables. This is test number 11. Human subject 5: Private Hastings. If the transference facts are correct, Private Hastings will arrive at Griffin Station on August 3rd, 1963. If he arrives at this date, a communication link will be successfully established and we would have confirmed that the teleporters temporal anomalies have been compensated for.

    Schuster: Are you ready, Private Hastings?

    Hastings: Yes, sir.

    Schuster: I can't understand a word of what he's saying with that ridiculous space suit. A simple thumbs-up will suffice Private Hastings. Good! Initiate the transference matrix.

    (The teleporter is activated)

    Schuster: Doctor Richards, did it work? Do we have a stable connection?

    Richards: No sir, nothing. We've lost him.

    Schuster: That's the fifth man we've lost! This base is rapidly running out of privates! I suppose they're all just dancing around on the moon somewhere in the far future having a grand old time!

    (Machines begin to make sounds)

    Schuster: Wait. Wait. What-What's happening? Richards? What did you do?

    Richards: Nothing sir. Something's coming through.

    Schuster: Hit the alarm! Get me Pernell! We need soldiers here immediately!

    (The teleporter is activated)

    Schuster: Who the hell are you? Where did you come... Wait. No. no. no. It's not possible.


    Releasing the gas


    Lehman: They do not understand, right? They don’t see what YOU are trying to accomplish. I will show them. They want it weaponized? I will SHOW them what weaponized DOES, soon! (laughter) They will know!

    (Door opens, and Dr. Schuster walks in)

    Schuster: Dr. Layman, I was told you might be down here. I… Dr. Layman? What are you doing?!

    Lehman: I am doing what I have to do. You all must understand.

    Schuster: That is the facilities air filtration system! If you release the gas…

    Lehman: Then you will all learn a hard lesson in how disobeying her wishes HAS CONSEQUENCES!

    (Switch activated, alarms start blaring, gas is heard)

    Schuster: Damnit! Where are the gas masks?! (now muffled with gas mask on) What have you done?!

    Lehman: I am sorry. I have to get her out of my head.

    (Zombies screams heard in background)

    Lehman: Goodbye… Dr. Schuster.

    (Gun clicks)

    Schuster: WAIT!

    (Gunshot heard, while Zombies still screaming in background)

    Schuster: Is this your doing, Samantha? Are you there?! (sigh) They truly do.


    October 10th, 1945


    Richtofen: October 10th, 19...

    Schuster: You've done what, Doctor Richtofen?

    Richtofen: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you not see the microphone in my hand? Recording for posterity is important. October 10th, 1945.

    Schuster: You've made a deal with the Americans?

    Richtofen: Und the Russians, we can't forget them.

    Schuster: But our work? This war...

    Richtofen: Ugh... this war is over, Doctor Schuster. It is my responsibility to ensure the work of Group 935 continues.

    Schuster: These deals... It would mean the end of Group 935. The Americans and the Russians would tear us apart everything we stood for...

    Richtofen: Everything this organization stood for died the day Doctor Maxis made that infernal deal with the Reichstag! You und I both know this to be true. Listen to me und understand. Our technological development with 115 has the envy of the entire world! These agreements guarantee our work will continue in America und Russia, that they will continue with our scientists at the helm! I am sorry... but for our work to live on, Group 935 must come to an end. Oh cheer up Doctor Schuster, I have asked that you go to the Americans, it'll be good for your... softer side.

    Schuster: You will not go to America?

    Richtofen: Nor to Russia. Once Doctor Groph confirms that the M.P.D. is ready, we will proceed with Operation Shield as planned and then... I have a date with destiny.

    Schuster: What are you getting out of this deal, Doctor Richtofen?

    Richtofen: A feeling of fulfillment that I've saved my fellow scientists from the unemployment line or possibly prison.

    Schuster: Edward, please...

    Richtofen: (chuckles) Don't you worry about me, Doctor Schuster. I will be well taken care of.



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