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    The Elemental Shard


    Hale: The electrical output is unlike anything we've seen before, Director Pernell.

    Pernell: Come now, Doctor Hale, this is Element 115 we're talking about here. We know what it's capable of.

    Hale: That's what I thought too. But the Elemental Shard, it's different. The levels of concentrated energy it contains, well, simply put, out team has been unable to measure it. It's unlike any Element 115 sample we've studied before. Whenever we drain energy from it, that, that energy is replaced. As if it's recharging itself. This ability... I think it's what Maxis was looking for all those years ago. I think it's the Genesis code.

    Pernell: That's unlikely, Doctor.

    Hale: I know how it sounds. But look at the A.D.A.M.s. When we charge them with regular Element 115, it gave them power. But when they were charged by the shard... they feel and act different... they feel alive.

    Pernell: (sighs) Doctor Maxis spent years reanimating the dead. Hell, the Germans made that Group 935's primary purpose during the war. But according to his own research, that was the ceiling: reanimation. He could restore the body, but not the mind or soul.

    Hale: I know, but he didn't have the shard. If you let me run some tests, I believe-

    Pernell: I don't think lab rats are gonna cut it here. I may have a candidate you can use. I'll let you know when he's been delivered.


    Test Number 22


    Pernell: This is Broken Arrow Operations Director Pernell, accompanied by Doctor Hale. The date is June 1st, 1964. It's approximately 1 a.m. We're about to begin test number 22. Doctor Hale, you may proceed when ready.

    Hale: Confirming conduits have been linked with the shard, output set to 5000 volts, duration set for ten seconds. Beginning... now.


    Pernell: (sighs) Damn... I'm sorry Doctor Hale, I thought we had him.

    (Heartbeat monitor begins to beep)

    Hale: Director!

    Pernell: I don't believe it... incredible...

    Hale: Assessing vitals... at first glance, everything looks good. I'll need some time to run a few tests, but, I think... I think we've done it!

    Pernell: Oh, take all the time you need Doctor Hale. If we've done it, uh, I mean if we've truly restored life to the deceased... we'd better be damn sure we're right. Let's keep him quarantined for now. Begin your tests when ready, and we need to make sure he is, well, who he was.

    Hale: What was his name, Director?

    Pernell: Peter. His name was Peter McCain. I'll send you his file. And Doctor?

    Hale: Yes sir?

    Pernell: Not a word of this to anyone outside the company. Not the CIA, not the DOD. Broken Arrow eyes only.

    Hale: Of course, sir.


    Peter McCain's Recovery


    Pernell: Doctor Hale says you're making big improvements every day now.

    McCain: Yes, sir. You might say I'm beginning to feel like the old me.

    Pernell: Absolutely remarkable. How far you've come these past few months can't be understated. How's the memory loss?

    McCain: Still a struggle, sir. If I close my eyes, I can see it clearly for a moment: Der Riese, Asylum, the Shi No Numa. But, then it's gone.

    Pernell: And the nightmares?

    McCain: The nightmares, sir?

    Pernell: Doctor Hale mentioned something about strange dreams. Giant monsters, medieval France.

    McCain: Not in weeks, sir. Those have subsided.

    Pernell: Outstanding news. So, what's next Peter? What are your plans once your recovery's complete?

    McCain: Sir?

    Pernell: Well, Doctor Hale mentioned your interest in staying on at Broken Arrow.

    McCain: Broken Arrow brought me back from beyond the veil, sir. I could think of no greater honor than repaying the organization for what they've done.

    Pernell: Believe me, Peter, the honor would be all ours. These are strange times. I need good men like you in my circle. DOD's claws are deep into our organization: Too deep. I've not confirmed it, but I suspect they've planted spies in our ranks. Last month, out of the blue, they forced me to give up the Elemental Shard, as if they knew what we were up to.

    McCain: I'm sorry to hear that, sir.

    Pernell: Oh, that's all right. DOD don't know it, but I managed to break the shard in two. Kept half so that we can continue our work. We need to stay on our toes. I need people I can trust. You're welcome to join the organization, but it'll mean swearing loyalty to Broken Arrow before the United States. Company over country. I need to know that's something you can do.

    McCain: I can do that, sir.


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