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    The Vril Sphere


    *Vril Sphere is heard bouncing off of walls, and then a knifing sound*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: "I know I should have invented an egg moving robot. Stupid Maxis, with his rules, and stupid accent!"


    Logging in


    *Typing sounds*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: "Login, Teddy. Password, is a liar."

    *Electronic confirming sound*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: "I'm not but that's why no one would guess it!"


    Samantha's Reveal


    *The MPD activates and opens. Samantha Maxis rises from within*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: Hello Samantha, you little brat. Your time is coming! Soon *laughs*... so soon!"


    Power up the machine


    *The Vril Generator is put on the frontpanel of the MPD*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: "Oh this is going to be so much fun! Finally we can confront this little beast. Quickly, power up the mach-"



    I will control them all


    *The MPD activates and Richtofen switches souls with Samantha*

    Doctor Edward Richtofen: "The power. THE POWER! I will control them all! I will destroy you all! But not before we continue the game!"


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