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    Dr Ludwig Maxis


    "Attention my corporeal friends. You can hear me, yes? Our journey reaches ever closer to its conclusion. This location represents the final piece of a puzzle beyond the comprehension of your mortal minds. With your help, we will heal the Earth. Energy from the Aether is at its strongest this close to the Rift. You must harness this energy in order to power the tower seen from this vantage point. In order to achieve our goal, you must venture beneath the surface. I will endeavor to monitor and advise on your progress. But you must remain vigilant! Richtofen will stop at nothing to achieve his psychotic goals."

    "My communications are more fractured below ground. It is essential that you find the parts needed capable of delivering the power needed to the tower above ground."

    "You must follow my instructions without further delay. Please, continue."

    "Great! These gallows are placed in the optimal location. Find the necessary parts and bring them here."

    "Excellent! Continue at pace."

    "Two more components are required. Ensure that they are not used to further Richtofen's nefarious goals."

    "The structure is almost complete. You are brave warriors, my friends. Perhaps braver than those that walked this road before you."

    "These devices, embedded in the earth, they amplify and project energy. We cannot allow Richtofen to exploit their power. For them to be destroyed, you must find a device with the ability to project a powerful sonic blast."

    "Continue to find and destroy each Amplifier."

    "I am most pleased to see that the Amplifiers are destroyed. You must capture the wayward spirit of the lantern. It's power is key to achieve our mission. Brute force will be required to bring it within reach."

    "Good! Now you must secure the Lantern to ensure that it is not used to advance Richtofen's plans."

    "The Lantern is a vessel for energy, the energy contained within all matter. You must find a method to manipulate the power of the undead. Their energy will provide vital fuel for the Lantern. Lest you feel corruption from the errant energy, you may need help from a soul already bound to this realm."

    "You must ensure the Lantern is safe from harm. The energy within is essential to exposing the spirits of those who came before you. Their wisdom will show you the way."

    "While some failed to complete this task, the others left clues for those who follow. Only a burst of electricity will have the brute force necessary to release the energy bound to this realm.

    "Follow the Wisp. He will show you the way."

    "The Wisp's life force has been exhausted, but further energy is required. I had hoped it would not come to this, but it appears we must manipulate time itself in order to supply sufficient energy to the tower. There is a device that will allow you to make a point in time that you can return to when you choose. This may prove to be the only method for extracting sufficient energy from the Wisp."

    "Now that the structure has power, we need only to direct its energy towards the surface. There is a rudimentary control grid somewhere in this cursed place, perhaps a remnant of its twisted past."

    "You must proceed to the fountain for the final chain of events in motion. This is it! Sufficient payment will initiate a final challenge! Quickly, the targets must be destroyed!"

    "Yeah! The towers are all under my control! It's time to begin the purge!"


    Dr. Edward Richtofen


    "Samuel? Samuel Stuhlinger? Calm yourself, Samuel. We're all friends here, are we not?"

    "We have no time for such petty rivalries, mein freund. I fear Maxis may manipulate your companions into following his orders. He can be a very convincing liar! I know this first-hand. For now you must focus on only gaining control of the tower above ground. It is more important than you can possibly imagine!"

    "The components necessary to build an energy conduit to power the tower can only source from this location. When you find them, you must ensure they are not used to help Maxis!"

    "Ah, perfect! A guillotine! Find and bring the parts to this location! Together we will thwart Maxis! Don't worry, we won't actually need to cut off his head. I was talking metaphorically. Also, decapitations can follow if time permits."

    "Wonderful! You have done so well, but we are not finished yet. Listen for my helpful advice. I can only apologize if it seems cryptic. I cannot see so well from here."

    "Oh look, just what we're looking for, well almost. They need a little bit more [noise] before they can serve our needs. Find the right tool, Samuel, but find it quickly. Your allies might yet choose to follow Maxis!"

    "[Laughs] Look at that! That's perfect. It's bigger and better! Find the others. Repeat the process."

    "There should be a little light somewhere floating around. Perhaps some poltergeist residing within?"

    "Pick up the Lantern. I'm sure it is harmless enough. [Laughs]"

    "Departed souls leave residual energy in their wake. This energy must be used to fuel the Lantern."

    "Listen carefully, mein freund. Now the Lantern is full of them. Juicy ghost juiciness. Ohhh… You must use its power to show you the way. So sorry. I'm being cryptic again. Basically, I'm telling you to go shine its light on stuff."

    "All this talk of energy, it's so vague, yeah? [Laughs] It's best not to worry about it! Just think of the bigs ones, positive and negative, north and south, light and dark, good and evil! [Laughs and cries] Anyway, cheer up. It's all good. You just need to smear the right area with some fresh zombie blood. So fresh!"

    "Maxis calls it a wisp. It's really just a ball of life that's imprisoned in this place for all eternity! [Pauses] Probably best not to dwell about what it really is. It will make you so sad…"

    "Kill it! Kill it now! I want its energy! I must have its energy!"

    "Okay, Samuel, I don't want to get you upset or worried, but it seems that somewhere along the way, we accidentally tore a tincy-wincy hole in the fabric of time and space. Like I said, it's nothing to worry about, but you need to cross your own timeline in order to put things right. Just detonate a Time Bomb next to the guillotine and everything will be hunky-dory."

    "Welcome to your future. Now go and find the switch. Ironically enough we do not have much time."

    "Now, Samuel. Search their cold, dead bodies."

    "It shouldn't be too upsetting. I know you weren't close."

    "Oh yeah, maybe I should have warned you about that. Now don't get upset, Sammy boy. We're going to put things right."

    "So many puzzles, so many games. Where do they come from, oh? [Makes a ghost noise] That's a ghost... Maxis does this all the time, you know. You're not the first. He will push you as far as he can, following his own ridiculous rules, only to cast you aside like used tissues. I won't do that to you, Samuel Stuhlinger. I like you too much! Now be a good boy and run along to the maze."

    "I'm sure now that it's just a simple matter of flicking the switches in the correct order."

    "Ah, I'm so proud of you! We're inching ever closer to our goal. Many inches of inching. Oh, have you ever wanted something so hard that you think you're going to burst if you don't get it? Well today, all our wishes are going to come true. Just take all your hard-earned pennies along to the fountain."

    "Now, throw your pennies into the fountain, and we get to play a fun, little game. [Laughs] Move quickly, my little cowboy. Hee-ya! You must shoot all the targets!"

    "Every tower has been activated, just as I planned. We can finally begin our endgame!"


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